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"Telepių - Donna di Guerra"

March 2002

Scans and Translation Contributed by Xandrella




In USA, Lucy Lawless, the actress who play Xena , has become a real Icon for the gay community.

"Lesbians has been our first fans, especially the New York Community" said Lucy in a interview. "This didn't embarrass me. "I liked playing Xena, who is Gay, very much."

The thing that captured so many fans was the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, played by Reneč O'Connor. In the series the two" warriors" are friends and fight together since the very first day they met. Plus, their relationship became deeper and deeper.

Even if in the fiction the two are very close in real life they have a normal relationship: "we are good friends and we see each other even when not working" said Lucy.

She was born in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, on March 28, 1968. Lucy Lawless captured fans attention in 1995 when she performed Xena on "Hercules episodes. Fifth of seven, she was always a tomboy. When she was little she passed all of her time with her brothers. After finishing high school she attended Auckland University for a short amount of time. Then she went to Europe and Australia. In the kangaroo country she worked in a gold mine, a man's job usually. "I dug, driven trucks and moved enormous rock" the actress remembers. "It was a dirty job and 2 km under the ground was always so cold". In 1988 Lucy married for the first time to Garth Lawless and went back to Auckland to live. In Auckland she started her career on the spot. After performing some tv roles in 1995 she was chosen to play Xena. "My character is a woman who lives by her intelligence and bravery" says Lucy. "She is a true hero who understand all of the human dark side".

But Xena is not her hero: "My mom has always been my model. When i was a little girl I thought she was the better and beautiful thing on the planet".


Kevin Smith, Ares in "Xena" died last February the sixth in China, after a very bad fall during the filming of his last movie. He was rushed to the ER and he died ten days later of the injuries. He was born the sixteenth of March, in Auckland, New Zealand. He left his wife Suzanne and three sons: Oscar, Tyrone and Willard.


Xena and Gabrielle's Story is based an the legendary Amazons. Greek history speak of very tall and strong women who loved to fight. Most people think this is a legend but some years ago the archeologist Jeannine Davis Kimball discover about 50 tombs, near Pokrovka, Russia, near Kazakistan frontier, in middle Asia. Inside some of this tombs, 24.000 years old, they discovered womens body with blades and daggers. The archeologist thinks these women lived in tribes with men and children.