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December 29, 2003

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Lucy Lawless: Back in Leather!

LUCY LAWLESS, best known for playing a certain warrior princess named Xena, is heading to the big screen with the teen romp 'Eurotrip.' And once again, she's donning some naughty leather gear to play the owner of a sex club!

On tonight's ET, we're on the set of Lucy's new flick to see just how she prepared for the daring part.

"I didn't talk to anybody," she confesses. "I did have to go shopping, however. There's a part of London I call 'Rubberland' because there's all these shops where you can buy everything made from rubber. So I went to this dodgy part of London. It was quite an education ... shopping for latex clothing was quite a departure for me ... for a housewife."

The hilarious pic hits theaters February 20th and revolves around four recent high school grads who embark on a trip to Europe to meet up with one of the foursome's German pen pal. The friends make stops in London, Paris and Amsterdam on their way to Berlin and run into a few mishaps -- including Lucy's club!

"In this movie I'm playing a woman who runs a chicken ranch," says Lawless. "It's actually a bordello of sorts. So one of our young heroes finds himself in very hot water when he comes to my club."

Can she elaborate? "Things get too wild to describe on ET," she says. "It's a very funny, very naughty movie and I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

The comedy also stars MATT DAMON and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"'s MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG.

For more on Lucy and her leather-wearing role, check out tonight's ET!