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The Most Un-Manliest Moment Ever Invented


July 18, 2004

Xena, Warrior Princess handed me her purse and asked me to hold it. "Terry," actress Lucy Lawless said. "I need a drink. Can you hold my purse?" Well, duh, of course I will.

Donna Karan, by the way.

It matched my tie clasp.

At first it was cool. Some of the other TV critic guys came around, made jokes then started saying how it was the coolest moment of the evening. After all, I was holding Xena's bag.

But, 20 minutes later, she hadn't returned, and I was starting to get ticked off. I mean, I'm now entering manservant status. I think I just sank below manhood. I was holding the purse of a TV Amazon. Doesn't that make me extremely unmanly?

A couple of the guys told me to at least look in her purse. After all, this was starting to be humilating. I am in the middle of a Hollywood party, holding an expensive purse.

I decided against invading her privacy. That would be wrong and rude and socially incorrect.

There are rumors, among certain critics, that I gave a quick and short lick to the purse.

Eventually, a friend of hers emerged from the crowd and said she wanted her purse back. No "thank you" or a "sorry I left this with you so long."

So I was more than happy to hand it over. Then I went back to my room and did a few push ups. I am a man, after all, and that's what men do. I think.

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