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Lucy signs on the dotted line for Starship


June 2004

Lucy Lawless, the Starship Foundation and Mercury Energy are hoping that customers will get in behind a new scheme to help raise more funds for new equipment at Starship Children’s Health.

The Xena Warrior Princess star and Starship Foundation board trustee is the first to sign up for a Mercury Energy scheme called the Star Supporters’ Club, that will allow customers to make regular monthly donations to the charity regarded as most worthy by many New Zealanders.

"Giving a little each month will make a huge difference to the work we can do here," says Lucy Lawless. "Starship commands a very special place in our hearts and the Star Supporters’ Club gives us a way to show how much we value this national facility."

The scheme enables Mercury customers to donate from as little as $2 each month through their bills. The initiative aims initially to raise $200,000 to purchase a new Mobile Image Intensifier, an important piece of medical machinery that
allows doctors to obtain detailed x-ray images during surgery on children. The images give accurate guidance to surgeons during operations such as spinal corrections, bone strengthening, hip reconstructions and other orthopaedic and general surgical work.