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L.A. Lawless

Saturday, July 17
L.A. Lawless: Even if Rob Salem never gets elected to the Television Critics Association board, the gregarious Toronto Star scribe (and certified FoZ -- Friend of Zap2it) earned a permanent place in the organization's annals on Saturday (July17) night. Salem will forever be known as the man who brought Lucy Lawless to the TCA Awards. Explaining how Salem and the once-and-future Xena know each other is more complicated than this space allows, as are Lawless' motives for attending, though she described it as a great respite from her home and family in the Valley.

In addition to being vastly more beautiful in person than she ever got to be when fighting, well, whatever it was that Xena used to fight, Lawless proved herself to be a consummate good sport. It's one thing to attend a lengthy kudosfest hosted by television critics and for television critics, but it's another to stay through the show and do an entirely plausible impression of enjoying the experience (she's obviously an even more gifted actress than "Xena" ever let her demonstrate, as well). She also made herself accessible to the long line of shy critics who wished to bask in her Warrior Princess-hood and even made one writer's night by letting him hold her Donna Karan purse.

Staying long after the show ended, Lawless even treated the TCA to a dramatic staged reading of the profanity laced transcript from the TCA session for FX's "Rescue Me," improvising some dialogue that would make Ian McShane's Al Swearengen blush. Ay-yi-yi-yi, indeed.


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