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23 May 2005

Xena: Warrior Massage Princess


Iím not sure this is newsworthy, but it sure gave me a tickle. And Iím not saying where. Lucy Lawless, TVís super heroine on Xena: Warrior Princess, was in town last week to perform five shows with the always dazzling Seattle Menís Chorus, along with Tony Award winner Faith Prince.

It appears the New Zealand bombshell arrived in town with a kink in her neck, or back. A chorus member, Matthew Haggerty - who just so happens to be a massage therapist - was called upon to work on Xenaís, I mean Lawlessí troubling area at the 5th Avenue Theatre, where she was due to co-star opposite Prince and the SMC in a musical production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Supposedly, the on-the-spot massage did the trick. So pleased was Lawless by this therapistís magical hands that she scheduled another massage to feel extra-relaxed before the big show, and apparently she was rubbed down right next door to my office in Matthewís studio! Had I known at that exact time she was within crawling distance of my office,

I wouldíve offered to dispense the oil. Not because Iím sooooo in love with her. But because Iím such a pathetic star struck queen. Hereís a request for the Seattle Menís Chorus. Get on the horn with Hugh Jackman and bring him to town for one of your performances. And letís see what kind of kinks he has.

Lucy Lawless from Stuff For Men
Magazine - June/ July 2000