AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files

TV Show Transcript

Interview by Carole Hirschfield

Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert
30 March 2005 at the Boogeyman Premiere

Transcript by Kiwi

I just seem to switch onto a channel lately as some ex XWP thing comes on.  Tonight I caught an interview by Carole Hirschfield, with LL and Rob T on the red carpet at The Boogeyman premiere in Auckland.
Rob was in a suit and white open-necked shirt.  LL was wearing a black evening dress and a big bright green butterfly thing clipped into the top right side of her hair.She was asked about liking horror.  LL said that she was raised on it from when her father used to tell vampaire stories when they were driving up to her grandmother's place in Kaitaia.  She loved horror movies until at about 17 years old her boyfriend took her to watch Evil Dead at someone's place.  She "stomped out there" and "had such a hissy fit about what sort of repulsive human beings would make a movie like this."
Rob T said he, or rather he and his patners had always liked sitting in the audience and watching people get scared.  He said that a good horror movie, which he thinks Boogeyman is, is like a rollercoaster ride.
Carole asked how Rob managed to get her to play a drug addled Mum.  LL said Rob had called her when she was working in Prague and asked her to play a drug addled mother who gives up custody of her son.  She thought it sounded like a meaty role.  However she said she's only on screen for about 3 seconds but it was fun and she loves going to work so it doesn't matter.
Carole asked as they are both parents how they find working with child actors in horror movies.  LL said, "Man you've got to scare 'em hard!"
Rob said it was interesting getting a reaction from kids in a horror movie.  LL said you don't want to scare them which makes it extra hard to get something authentic from them
Carole asked if Lucy would let her 17 year old daughter see it.  LL replied, "Are you kidding?  My daughter's here with 15 of her closest friends and they better scream good and loud."
Rob said that the movie works for a younger audience.  Its designed to be accessible to all ages but to scare everybody.
Carole asked about coming back to NZ to work with the XWP/Herc crew.
He said it was really great to come back to working on horror and to work with an NZ crew and with half of the cast being New Zealanders.