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Lucy Lawless' Hurricane Scare
October 26, 2005

ET Online

Lucy LawlessKiwi powerhouse LUCY LAWLESS was filming her new CBS TV movie "Vampire Bats" in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. ET's KEVIN FRAZIER talked to the star about her new thriller, and her terrifying encounter with the hurricane.

When the rating on Katrina was upped to a Category 5, filming for 'Bats' was abruptly halted, and Lucy had to wait out the storm in Baton Rouge. Filming was then moved to Nova Scotia.

Lucy told Kevin, "To our chagrin it turned out to be way worse than you could ever have imagined. On the morning before, I woke up and they were saying 'Category 5' and I rang the remaining people of our production and said 'Let's get out of here -- we owe it to our kids to get home. Thankfully we managed to get out of town in time."

Lucy recalls an especially painful memory of the hurricane, "There were some tourists who had been dropped off the day before ... and they had no supplies. I gave them what supplies I had, and there were too many of them to take with us. My everlasting shame is that I did not give them the rental car that I had. I thought 'Well, it's the production car, it's not really mine to give,' and now I don't know what became of them. I will never, never forget that I didn't help those people."

"Vampire Bats" stars Lucy as Dr. Maddy Rierdon and DYLAN NEAL "Dawson's Creek," as her husband Dan Dryer. The two are reprising their roles from the suspenseful TV movie "Locusts," which aired earlier this year.

Maddy is a professor who turns investigator when one of her students is found dead and drained of blood, with mysterious puncture marks all over his body. When more dead bodies are found, in the same mysterious condition, Rierdon begins to realize that the people were killed by an aggressive strain of vampire bat, which have mutated because of a contaminated water supply.

So first Lucy tackled locust, and now she's battling bats -- why? "It seems to be what I do -- save the world!" she says.

"Vampire Bats" is this weekend's CBS Sunday Movie, and will be airing October 30th 9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT, just in time for Halloween!

Watch ET tonight for more on Lucy and her frightening film!