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Entertainment Weekly

22 April 2005


Lucy Lawless in Locusts!

Article contributed by Beth Smarr and Norma

Lucy Lawless in Locusts!- News flash! The supersize swarm that Invades America In CBS' panicky TV movie Locusts (April 24,9 p.m.) is one big lie. "They used crickets," reveals Lucy Lawless, who stars as USDA insect expert Maddy Rierdon. "That was just a pain in the ass. Working with bugs is worse than working with kids!" The sassy former Xena: Warrior Princess star obviously hates mincing words, so EW asked her opinion on a few more famous plagues. —Nicholas Fonseca

Frogs "Disgusting! They're cute and everything, but I do not enjoy handling wet things. Same reason I can't eat oysters."

Flies "I lived in the outback as a kid, and we had a bloody infestation. This prissy girl I knew got her hair stuck on the flypaper hanging from our celling, and I had to pull it out."

Lice "A constant societal plague. We had a whole episode about it on Xena.... I had cooties and Gabrielle had foot fungus. I was scratching the whole time we filmed that thing."

Talk-Show Hosts "That would be hell to me. Imagine all those guys in the same room. Wouldn't that be bloody awful? Jimmy Kimmel would be throwing mashed potatoes at Jay Leno's head would be like...oh, I don't know, a family reunion of bastards."