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New York Post
25 August 2005


Xena Turns Into Buffy


August 25, 2005 -- 'XENA" star Lucy Law less is going batty in a new CBS

The brunette bombshell will reprise her role as Dr. Maddy Rierdon, a bug
specialist and college professor from last year's made-for-TV movie,

"I'm saving the world from vampire bats," Lawless told SCIFI Wire. "It's
very serious business."

In "Vampire Bats," Rierdon moves from California to the swamps of
Louisiana and tackles rogue vampire bats responsible for a bizarre
series of murders.

Lawless said that she has yet to handle any live bats, though she isn't
squeamish. "I haven't met one yet," she said.

Although frogs are a different matter.

"I'm not real fond of frogs. A plague of frogs, that would be a difficult series for me. Frogs I find to be a little disgusting, and I own several of them or my boys own several of them. So frogs I'm not crazy about. But I've [worked with] rats and spiders and all of that stuff on 'Xena.' I'm not particularly squeamish, but I don't like frogs. They feel horrible."

The film is slated to debut on Oct. 30 — just in time for Halloween. "There will be hoards of vampire bats descending on Beverly Hills," Lawless said "We'll see if they can find any real flesh to puncture. I don't know."