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TV Picks and Pans - Vampire Bats

People Weekly Magazine

7 November 2005

Vampire Bats CBS (Oct. 30, 9 p.m. ET) HORROR

Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal, who starred in a CBS nature-disaster movie called Locusts in April, return for a horror thriller about bats that display an unusually lusty appetite for blood. The creatures wing down at night to suck on their victims--students, fishermen, the random deer--and leave them as dry as a Transylvanian support meeting of reformed vampires. It's silly, although at least there's a criminal twist as Lawless, playing a science professor, hunts the bats.
The preview tape I saw was lacking some digital special effects, but it did include close-ups of the bats feasting on blood. They appear to be puppets with doughy-fuzzy heads. They look like day-old fruit muffins with fangs. [11/2 star]