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Sci Fi Wire

3 February 2005

Boogeyman: To Be Or Not?

Rob Tapert, producer of the upcoming horror movie Boogeyman, told SCI FI Wire that his toughest decision was deciding when to show the title creature. "It's been the largest struggle on the project," Tapert said in an interview. “Each movie has its own challenges that are unique unto it. In this particular case, the boogeyman—How much do we show? When do we show him?—all of those questions needed to be answered. And, ideally, we've answered them in what is hopefully the most satisfying fashion."

In the film, Barry Watson plays Tim Jensen, a man who is plagued
throughout his life by visions of a monster who captured his father when he was a boy. Tapert said that the producers decided whether or not to make the creature real after screening the film for horror fans. "What if [I] told you test audiences decided it?” Tapert said. "Sad as that is, because I think in [director Stephen Kay's] mind, he would have loved to have kept this all to the very end of the movie. Even after we show the boogeyman, he would have liked to put it back into a psychological realm. But the horror audience just couldn't go there with him. So when you tried to tell them something different at the end of the movie, then what they had witnessed in the last 10 minutes just wasn’t working."

Tapert said that early drafts of the script showed the boogeyman in
different incarnations. But budgetary and creative limitations required that they reduce the screen time for the creature. "Earlier drafts had him much more front and center, and actually earlier drafts had minions, kind of incarnations of him," Tapert said. "One was a young girl that the boogeyman took the guise of. They were all different guises. You certainly saw more of him. But we just realized that there was no way in the time and money that we had to create the boogeyman that everybody would think was great and new. Then we kind of ran through 'What were iconic images of the boogeyman?' And the trouble is he's that dark thing in your closet." Boogeyman opens Feb. 4.

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