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21 August 2005

Lucy Lawless Thinks a "Xena" Movie Would Be Great

The 37-year-old New Zeeland actress told Sci-Fi Wire that a proposed Xena movie remains caught in a legal haggle, according to Dark Horizons.
By: Entertainment News Staff

Lucy Lawless, who became famous as "Xena: Warrior Princess", would love to do a “Xena” movie as well, but unfortunately there are some problems with the right ownership for the TV series.

I think a movie would be great, and I'd love to do it. I've been wanting to do it for years. Nobody can agree who owns the rights, and it's a big fat pain in the ass, said the 47-year old New Zeeland actress.

Apparently, producer Rob Tapert has been trying to get the rights from Universal Studios.

Rob wants to make it anyway. He wants to make films. He likes making movies. He's like a shark: You only go forward, and you don't want to bite yourself on the tail with regrets, Lawless added.

Lucy Lawless, who is currently filming for the TV movie Vampire Bats, will also star in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica second season episode "Final Cut", in which she will play reporter D'Anna Friel, who gets unlimited access to film aboard Galactica and documents the stress of military life during wartime, according to Sci Fi Wire.

The actress, who was not very familiar with the series, was very impressed by the Galatica universe.

The sets weren't all shiny, like the previous Battlestar Galactica. (…) They were grungy and all beaten up. It has that post-apocalyptic rawness. It's genius, Lucy said.

"Xena" was thrilled to have been allowed to use her native New Zealand accent in the movie. I've never wanted to use my real voice before," she said. "It never seemed appropriate, and I was resistant to it. But for this role as a reporter, it seemed appropriate.