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Starburst #321

March 2005

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the transcript

The Dirt of Lawless

Robert Tapert is a scary man. No, he doesn't lurk around corners waiting to attack people (if he did he wouldn't have landed such a gorgeous wife as former Xena star Lucy lawless).

The Dirt on Lawless
On the Boogeyman set, Lucy Lawless, also known as Mrs Rob Tapert, served as the film crew's unofficial house mother from time to time. But eagle- eyed views[sic] can catch the former Xena diva in the role of star Barry Watson's mother in a fast-paced scene in which Watson's bliss is disrupted by a disturbing vision of his recently deceased ma. In that sequence, Lawless is nearly unrecognizable in heavy old-age make-up - a notion that, Tapert reports, thrilled his beloved to[sic] no end.

"You know what, she curses me, but she likes to get dirty, grimy, old and be scary," says the proud husband. "Even though she goes, 'Oh, I'm like a big background extra.' I was very glad to have her, and she is always pleased to get a big audience reaction for a little, tiny, small part."

Such movie bits have not been uncommon in Lawless's recent career. She appeared briefly in last year's teen sex romp Eurotrip, and even more briefly in Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man movie. But could Lawless be getting the itch to maybe revive Xena for a big-screen pic? "Oh, God, that's another discussion!" exclaims Tapert, with the weariness of someone who's heard that suggestion four or five times too often.