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Lucy in the sky with... bats?

Toronto Star

29 October 2005

Scan contributed by maRia

Lucy Lawless is back - though not in the familiar breastplate and broadsword of the now decade-old Xena: Warrior Princess.

No, she is back in her more recent TV guise, as government animal expert Dr. Maddy Rierdon, who last year saved the continental U.S. from being consumed by voracious mutant insects in theĢ highly rated CBS TV-movie. Locusts.
She has since moved on - she's now a Louisiana college professor, raising two daughters with her similarly Eco-academic hubby (the also returning Dylan Neal

Needless to say, another menace soon threatens - mutant vampire bats kill one of her students, and then chow down on a
cameo-ing Craig Ferguson...Also -threatened by the horde of Vampire Bats are George W. Bush impersonator Timothy Bottoms and former Grace Under file star Brett Butler.

But nature's real threat quickly overshadowed Itie fake one, as Hurricane Katrina chased the production out of New Orleans-the movie was finished in, of all places, Nova Scotia.
Lawless is back in Canada right now, finishing up the second of several guest appearances on the second season of the Vancouver-shot Battlestar Galactica, which is scheduled to kick off in Canada on Space sometime in January.
Vampire Bats airs at 9 p.m. on CBS and CM.