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9 March 2005


Lucy Lawless, Part Deux

by Daniel R. Coleridge

Lucy Lawless

Seeing Lucy Lawless brazenly snatch Halle Berry's role on Monday's Two and a Half Men reminded us how much we've missed the Aussie spitfire. Any chance she'll ever reprise her role as that sapphic icon, Xena, Warrior Princess?

"This whole idea of a Xena feature [film] keeps coming and going," Lawless tells with a sigh. "I've checked out of worrying and wondering and speculating about it. People keep saying, 'It's on! It's off!' I did just this morning hear something about it from my husband [Robert G. Tapert], who was the executive producer on Xena.

"They'd better hurry up," she laughs. "Otherwise, Renee O'Connor [who played Xena's sidekick Gabrielle] and I will be too old and nobody'll want to see us in short skirts before long. It's gonna be tragic."

While we're all awaiting Xena's return and it could be a loooong wait, since she was beheaded, after all Lawless is in New Orleans filming the TV-movie Locust, airing April 24 on CBS.

"It's about a plague of carnivorous mutant bugs taking over the world," she says. "It's gonna tear apart the heartland of America!

"We're tapping into the anxiety of our time, which is that politics, science and the environment have gotten well away from us," Lawless continues. I play a scientist who works for the very sexy Department of Agriculture. I get to wear some cool clothes I'm not rolling around in the mud and I'm not being eaten up by bugs, but other people are. I'm happy about that."

Speaking of mudslinging, whatever resulted from the lawsuit Lawless and Kevin Sorbo brought against Universal over their profits from Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys?

"It goes on," she shrugs. "I'm just being bled by my lawyers. I think it might just be a little practical joke."