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Ten Years of XENA  - The fans rejoice!

TV Highlights Magazine #132

26 August 2005

Scan contributed by Stef
Translation by Sonja

Even 10 years after her premiere as a show star on television the Warrior Princess is still unforgotten – not even the very badly neglect from her German home channel, RTL, could change anything about that.

The finale of the sixth and last season was never aired in this country. However, in case of XENA the fans of the show are punished twice, because the warrior lady has been also extensively ignored on DVD so far. Only in the USA and in England (as an UK import also here available) all seasons (single and as a box including all 6 seasons) have come out.

In the USA there is even another XENA supply available since July 26th, a not uninteresting goody: XENA: THE WARRIOR PRINCESS – 10TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is a 7 disc box set, compiled by fans for fans. The box not only contains 16 well chosen episodes from all six seasons but also a whole number of awesome bonus material.

Of course, it contains the very first episode, SINS OF THE PAST, as well as the double episode A FRIEND IN NEED 1 & 2 (Director`s Cut) which is the finale of the show. Plus, there are two other episodes from season 1 (ep. 22 CALLISTO and the season`s finale ep. 24 IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?), season 2 is only represented by ep. 39 A DAY IN THE LIFE, 3 episodes were chosen from season 3 (ep. 48 BEEN THERE DONE THAT, ep. 58 THE BITTER SUITE, ep. 59 ONE AGAINST AN ARMY), from season 4 there was only paid tribute to one episode (ep. 89 THE IDES OF MARCH which is the second part to ENDGAME), whereas in season 5 four beautiful stories were chosen (ep. 91 FALLEN ANGEL, ep. LYRE, LYRE, HEARTS ON FIRE; ep. 104 AMPHIPOLIS UNDER SIEGE, ep. 112 MOTHERHOOD), and season 6 is, beside the finale episodes, represented by ep. 122 OLD ARES HAS A FARM, ep. 130 WHEN FATES COLLIDE and ep. 131 MANY HAPPY RETURNS.

Beside all this, the box contains interviews with Lucy Lawless and other members of the cast and the crew, as well as audio commentaries. There is also a report about the 10th Anniversary Convention and some contributions like “Xena`s Hong Kong Origins”, “Mythology vs. Xena”, “Seeing Double”, “Extras – A Documentary”, and last but not least “B is for Bruce – A look at the career of Bruce Campbell”. The fans themselves have their own place in this box, too: in “Xena Fanatic” her biggest fans were interviewed, and there are XENA scenes shown in “Xena Reenactments”, portrayed by fans!

(Text from the picture above): For her round anniversary her fans make themselves a gift with a DVD
(Text from the picture below): For six years, Lucy Lawless was the Warrior Princess, Xena