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7 February 2005

Top Box Office Draw Has NZ Connection

A low budget thriller shot in New Zealand has set a new record for a film opening on Super Bowl weekend in the US.

Boogeyman, starring Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless and produced by her husband Rob Tapert, bought in an estimated $27.5 millionLucy Lawless stars in Boogeyman in its opening weekend.

The thriller, about a man who returns home and has to face terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom, beat out the previous record holder for the weekend, hip-hop flavoured drama You Got Served, which bought in $22.7 million last year.

The $9.8 million film was shot in New Zealand by Spider-Man director Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, the company behind the recent smash The Grudge.

Boogeyman was able to piggyback on the Grudge success since its trailer screened before the main attraction.

Super Bowl weekend in the US is traditionally slow for movie going in the face of competition from the highlight of the American Football season.

Robert De Niro thriller Hide and Seek, was the previous weeks No. 1.