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Lucy Lawless on Veronica Mars TV Show

Entertainment Weekly

31 January 2006



Still, the scam allowed for a cheeky turn by Lucy Lawless (does Lucy Lawless do anything else BUT cheeky turns?), finally doing something more respectable than fighting vampire bats in silly CBS movies, here playing an FBI agent investigating the babynapping. She was at her best busting on Lamb and squashing his dreams of becoming FBI himself. (When she asked if he spoke any foreign languages, Lamb responded that he spoke some ''Mexican'' a laugh line that was cleverly trumped by the episode's second-best subtle sight-gag after the Lost numbers fortune cookie: the ''We Speak American'' sign hanging on the south-of-the-border motel Lamb visited while hunting for Duncan.) Given Lawless' parting shot at Veronica about how kidnapping cases don't just go away I suspect we haven't seen the last of Xena, Warrior Agent.

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