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Cylons of Battlestar Galactica - Must Love Machines

Entertainment Weekly

30 June 2006

Scans by Roger / Transcript by MaryD

Caution: Spoilers for Season 3 below

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Cylons of 'BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Must Love Machines

NAMES/AGES Grace Park (Sharon). 31; Tricia Helfer (Number Six), 32; Lucy Lawless (D'Anna Biers), 38

WHY THEM Battlestar Galactica's three-some of sexy Cylons have sci-fi fanboys either in a tizzy or simply running away in fear (see below).

IT'S GOOD TO BE A CYLON "I love that you get to play multiple characters," says Lawless, who was first introduced in Season 2 as rogue reporter (and secret Cylon) D'Anna Biers, and will be joining the cast for a 10-episode arc this season.

Park -who, like all Cylons, plays myriad copies of a particular model—digs being a "toaster" (the Battlestar nickname for the mechanical meanies). "You can never trust them," she says. "The job security is good too."

ON EARTHLY FAME "I only did one [sci-fi] convention," says Park. "It was so fun because that is the closest I'm ever gonna feel to being a rock star. It's really good for the ego."

FEAR AND LOATHING IN CANADA "I've had people literally run away when they figure out it's me," says Helfer  with a laugh. "A guy in Vancouver once ran out of the store thinking I was gonna smash his head into a mirror." (And no, it was not Galactica's James Callis, who, as Six's former lover Gaius Baltar, was once on the receiving end of such a blow.)

THE CYLON THAT ALMOST WASN'T "They came to me and asked me to play Ellen Tigh," says Lawless of the earlier opportunity to come aboard as the liquored-up spouse of Michael Hogan's Colonel Tigh. "I said, 'Don't come to me with your bloody wifey role.'"

XENA VS. D'ANNA: WHO WINS? "I'm going to have to say Xena," says Lawless of her beloved syndie TV heroine. "She's got the sword."

SPOILER TIME! "There's gonna be quite a few shockers in the first three-parter," says Helfer  of season 3. "We're gonna see what goes on inside the Cylon Basestar." Park discloses even more: "One of the Cylons is gonna be permanently killed." So much for that job security.

NEXT Season 3 of Battlestar lifts off in October, in the meantime, Helfer  can currently be seen north of the border as the host of Canada's Next Top Model.