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More Lucy Lawless in Battlestar Galactica's Season 3
And More About the Cylons Too!

Hollywood North Report

15 January 2006

As Battlestar Galactica's Season 2 begins to wind down after the "Resurrection Ship" wrap-up to the Cain trilogy, one would think that Season 3 would just be more of the same, focusing on the dark shadows within the human species.

But according to producer David Eick in his recent interview with writer Steven Eramo of Starburst magazine, major things are in store for the surviving humans.

With respect to the Season 2 finale, Eick relates that "There’s a huge shock in episode 20 [Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II] and I hope we’re able to maintain the quality of that surprise going into the third season."

And as far as Season 3 goes, "We’re going to investigate the Cylon world in a whole new way, and how they may not be as lacking in Human feelings as they would like to think."

Actress Lucy Lawless (of Xena: Warrior Princess fame) who has made one guest appearance already on Galactica with another on the way before the Season 2 finale, confirms what Eick has been reporting. On her official Lucy Lawless Fan Club site, she reports what is in store for Galactica's third season:

"I’m likely to be doing a 10-episode stint on Battlestar Galactica later this year. I’m not looking to guest on other people’s shows per se, but, in this instance, the plot twists and character development proved to be irresistible to me."

It might very well be that Lawless is the Cylon (or at least one of the Cylons) that portrays a more three-dimensional image to that species throughout the run of episodes she is in.

Flight Deck is certainly looking forward to Lucy Lawless' return as Cylon D'Anna Biers aboard the Battlestar Galactica. In the meantime, we will continue to report the news about upcoming episodes in Season 2. And be sure to check out Flight Deck's episode reviews of 211-220 that will start appearing on a weekly basis here at HNR.