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Lucy Lawless on Holmes TV Show
4 April 2006

Report by Kathleen

I just finished watching the 30 minute (YES 30 MINUTES!!!) interview with Lucy Lawless done by a guy named Holmes on Prime Channel in New Zealand.  First of all, Lucy looked great.  She looked very healthy and happy and was interviewed in her Auckland home. This interview was also done before Renee had her baby because Lucy said Renee was

One of the first questions Holmes asked was about Lucy's blond locks. Lucy said she went to a hair stylist in LA over a year ago who ended up giving her the blond hair and the glamour cut and she said she was stunned by her appearance afterwards.  Lucy said she came in looking like a housewife and didn't expect such a glamorous hair style. She
then divulged that she cried for 20 minutes in the chair after seeing herself. She also said the hair stylist told her that doing her hair was the highlight of his career.

Lucy also that divulged that when she was traveling with her boyfriend in Europe (when she was 18) they wanted to also visit Russia and Scandinavia but didn't have enough money to accomplish this with the money they had.  To get more cash to finance their trip, they decided to go to Australia and work with a gold mining  company. Lucy and her then boyfriend Garth Lawless ended up working with a geologist with a gold mining company out in the Outback.  She
said there was nothing to do out there but f*ck (yes she said the "f" word) and she ended up getting pregnant.  Holmes asked what else she did out there. She said they would read maps and then would take a break and f*ck (!!!)  Lucy then laughed with delight when she said this.

Lucy also described how many of the crew of "Vampire Bats" had decided not to evacuate New Orleans when there was a category 4 hurricane coming and laughed if off. (She tried to imitate their charming Southern accent.)  She also said that their relatives told them nothing would happen and arranged to wait it out in a hurricane proof hotel the next day. However the next morning when she woke upat 6 AM and found out there was a category 5 hurrican coming, Lucy
called a lot of the crew she had been hanging out with the night before and found out many of them had already left the city! Lucy said she had to force the producer to leave with her out of New Orleans.

Lucy also had a few words to say about the Starship Foundation and how much she loved Auckland.

Holmes asked if Lucy had met Angelina Jolie (no), and several other stars.  Lucy did say she really liked Scarlett Johannsen and that she was really cool but a bit tough.  She then hawked her new lullaby CD and said Scarlett had a great voice, as did Jennifer Garner.  She said she did the CD because her friend and singing coach Eric asked
her to, because she would get to sing a song, and because it was for a good cause.

Regarding XWP, Lucy said by the end she was so worn out, she never argued when they asked her to do physical stuff. She said she had a continuing dream (or nightmare) that XWP would be renewed for a seventh season and that she had fantasies about crashing off a bridge in the Auckland area if this happened. Lucy said she remembers that  she was asked to fall backwards in a stream that was being churned up by huge fans and it was a 20 ft. drop to the freezing cold water and she did it without question. She said if she had been her right mind and not so exhausted from the show, she would have said no. She said she didn't hold this against Rob (making her do all this exhausting and physically dangerous and grueling work) because it was all about making the best show he could. She also said that nobody has loved her better than Rob Tapert.

Lucy also said that the American lesbians made watching XWP hip (yeah!) and that XWP had been really popular in Turkey and Iran. Holmes asked her if the lesbians in Turkey or Iran watched XWP. She said she didn't know (really dumb question.)  She also said that Renee and her were really surprised to learn by the 9th episode that XWP had a huge lesbian following and thought their characters were lovers.  She said Renee and her never figured this out but thought
the producers by then knew all about the implied subtext and were playing on it more as the series went by.

Other stuff. When asked what she wanted to accomplish, she said she wanted to take more yoga so she could do the splits, get another dog, and not get a suntan.  Holmes looked as befuddled as me by her response to this question.