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Lucy Lawless - Classy Lady

The following is a letter I received from Norma via Ken who wanted to share the story and thank Lucy for doing this special thing for him. Thanks Ken and Norma!

I will tell you what Lucy did for me.   My son is a writer producer out in LA and I was out visiting him and his wife who also writes for FOX  TV in LA
Well, to make a long story short, I was invited to a Christmas party with my son and his wife on Dec.11 2005.   Well, I couldn't go because I had to  get back on a plane to Ohio where I live. Well, Lucy was at the party,and my son told her what a big fan i was of hers,and Xena, and how I missed this party by 4 hrs because of the plane back to ohio. My son also told Lucy about my
big Xena collection I have.  Well, Lucy told my son to wait, and she went out to her car and brought back into the party a cartoon cell of her as Xena riding Argo. Lucy then signed it " To Ken"  I'am coming for ya"  Love always   Lucy Lawless, then signed it   "Xena"     She also signed..  " Sorry I missed you,  "Love lucy Lawless
I want to write her a Thank you letter for doing this for me, someone she never met,but did a nice thing for me.