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Lucy Lawless Interview

Original airdate: 18 April 2006

Report by Carolyn S


Programme: Kiwifruit - Episode 2
Channel/Time: TV2, 11pm
Hosted by Kevin Alexander, Amanda Rees and Matu Ngaropo.
Kevin goes to Mardi Gras, Takapuna!
Conversations with: Amanda meets Lucy Lawless (Xena)

The interview last night with Lucy on NZ TV didn't cover anything new.

The introduction began with some clips from Xena, especally the hot tub scene from Legacy.  There were some other scenes in the course of the interview of  Xena fighting, and one with Kevin Smith/Ares.

She was introduced as a mother of three an international star, a lesbian dykon, but that she was as Kiwi as they come.  It said that due to her wicked sense of humour and some great acting she became an international star.

Lucy was interviewed sitting in front of what looked like the auditorium in a little theatre.  She was sitting cross-legged on a platform or maybe a table.  She wore a mauve short sleeved top with a collar and black trousers.

Lucy said that life was a really fun and great.

The talked about the lesbian subtext. She said it just grew in the programme as they included more things like bubble baths, and scrubbing each other's backs and passing the soap.  She said it wasn't part of her thinking so when people asked her about it she'd say that she didn't know and that it was whatever they wanted it to be.

Lucy was asked about being a lesbian icon.   She said it wasn't her that was the lesbian icon, but it was Xena.  It wasn't something she thought about.  When she got home it wasn't something that was in her mind as she would be busy with things like helping the kids with their homework and paying the babysitter. She wouldn't be thinking how would a lesbian icon do/say this. 

The interviewer said that Lucy had a fan following to die for.  Lucy said that Dave Dobyn had told her that if you stick by your fans fans they would stick by you, and that this seems to be true.

Most of the rest of the interview was about Lucy's charity work.  There were some clips from the Bangladesh doco and Lucy explained why she found the boy's rotting hand so upsetting.  She also said something about why she thought it was important to support Starship.

Carolyn S