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L is for Lullaby

People Weekly

9 June 2006
(Summer Edition)

Scanned by Roger

Lucy Lawless Unexpected Dreams

Get baby to dreamland with help from the stars

Recording "My Heart Is So Full of You" last year, Jennifer Garner sang so tenderly, "I felt like she was holding a child," says Eric Vetro, the producer of Unexpected Dreams ($18.98), a new all-star lullaby album. "Two weeks later she told me she was pregnant. It was probably the first lullaby her daughter ever heard." Other celebs who lent their voices for the CD, which benefits the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Music Matters program: Scarlett Johansson ("Summertime"). Ewan McGregor ("The Sweetest Gift") and Ten Hatcher ("Goodnight"). Vetro's advice for vocally challenged parents?

"Just sing like you're whispering in your child's ears."