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...but it's Lawless on the Battlestar
Lucy Lawless joins Galactica for a 10-episode arc in third season

Starburst Magazine
#335 - April 2006

Lucy Lawless is set to reprise her role as D'Anna Biers in Battlestar Galactica for the show's third season, during a 10-episode story arc.

D'Anna Biers originally appeared in the episode Flight of the Phoenix, as an investigative journalist who arrived on the Galactica doing an expose on alleged crew misconduct that resulted in the death of four civilians. Although, oddly enough, her documentary actually generated sympathy and respect for the crew - thus healing the growing rift between the civilian and military populations within the fleet. As it turns out it soon becomes clear that D'Anna was actually one of the deadly Human-looking Cylon agents, who was sent to Galactica on a covert reconnaissance mission.

The episode Downloaded will be Lawless's second guest appearance and will air on Friday, February 24, and the episode will give viewers their first real glimpse into the Cylon world. The second half of Season Two of Battlestar Galactica premiered on January 6 (See our
continuing reviews on page 76).

Lucy Lawless is no stranger to the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre, and she is best known to audiences as the fierce and beautiful Xena: Warrior Princess. Lawless has also appeared in The X-Files, Tarzan, Bernie Mac, Two and a Half Men, Less Than Perfect, Just Shoot Me and let's not forget her guest spot on The Simpsons, where she battled the comic book collector. She recently starred in the television movies Locusts and Vampire Bats.

Lawless also played a memorable role in the feature film Eurotrip and appeared in cameos in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and the Horror movie Boogeyman. She will next be seen in the psychological thriller The Darkroom.

Lawless joins Battlestar Galactica's ensemble cast for what is already an eagerly-anticipated run. The series is executive produced by Ronald D Moore and David Eick - who was instrumental in originally casting Lawless in the role of Xena.
Season Three begins production in Vancouver in April.

Scanned / Transcribed by MaryD