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Battlestar Galactica - Cylon Death Alert

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24-30 July 2006

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Battlestar Galactica

(Fridays, 10/9c, Sci Fi Channel, returning in October) Season 3 leaps ahead four months to find the Cylon occupation taking a harsh toll on the humans. (Damn them Toasters!) Tensions flare between Adama and Apollo over how—or even if—they should try to rescue the colonists trapped on New Caprica. Colonel Tigh has a horrific experience in Cylon detention. And a human police force, instituted by the Cylons, will foster paranoia and hatred in the colony. Kick-ass heroine Starbuck will be of no help—she'll be off in her own plot with Leoban, the Cylon who came searching for her in the Season 2 finale.

Next season's themes include suicide bombing and a debate over the ethics of genocide: Galactica will discover a virus that can potentialfy devastate the Cylons. A "pretty significant" human character will die in Episode 3, says executive producer Ronald Moore. "If s both surprising and heartbreaking." Also, one of the 12 Cylon models will be permanently killed, shattering everything we know about their ability to reincarnate. But don't credit the resistance: The Cylons will be forced to do the deed themselves. "The notion of execution is repulsive to the Cylons," says executive producer David Eick. "To reach that point with one of their own is a monumental event." —Michael Logan