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Crushes - We Love Lucy. Lawless That Is.

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23 - 29 January 2006

Scan contributed by LB


We love Lucy. Lawless, that is. From the mythical rabble-rouser of Xena: Warrior Princess to Batttestar Galactica's Cylon newshound to Rizzo in the Broadway revival of "Grease!", the New Zealand knockout has proven time and again that tough chicks rule. And in keeping with that credo, the woman who gave heroine chic a decidedly tribal vibe back in the day is descending upon the very modern VERONICA MARS (UPN,9/8c)as an FBI agent chasing down the missing Duncan. If the kid is smart, he'll give himself up and accept the fact that there's only one hottie in Neptune worthy of the name Lawless. —Damian J. Holbrook