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Lucy In The Sky With Cylons
Former Xena star Lucy Lawless boards Battlestar Galactica

TV and Satellite Week

25 Feb - 3 March 2006

Scans contributed by Sue

Battlestar Galactica
Sky One Tuesday

She's famous for playing kick-ass warrior princess Xena, but Lucy Lawless is almost unrecognisable as she guest stars in this week's episode of the sci-fi drama Battlestar Galactica.

Sporting blonde hair and using her native New Zealand accent on screen for the first time, Lawless plays D'Anna Biers, a TV reporter investigating what really happened aboard the Gideon, when civilians were shot dead by Galactica marines. Hoping to ensure a balanced report, President Roslin and Commander Adama offer Biers full access to film the Galactica crew in the hope people will see what a tough job they're doing.

'Everyone's on edge because of her presence, and she's just waiting for them to tumble over it,' says Lawless. 'She believes there was a cover-up over the massacre and wants to expose it.'

Lawless was first approached to play Ellen, the manipulative wife of Colonel Tigh. 'But I don't play nobody's wife,' she laughs. "The great thing about this role was that we had film in our cameras, so we got to shoot real footage. ! was told they would use the footage in the show, but I don't know if they were just humouring me.' Lawless has now signed up for 10 episodes in the next series of Battlestar Galactica, but would still like to revisit her most famous role.

The problem is nobody knows who owns the rights to Xena,' says the actress, who has also guest starred in Two and a Half Men and Veronica Mars. 'Until we get to the bottom of that, nothing can . happen. But I'd love to play her again. She was a great character.'