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Lucy Lawless meets Bangladesh
World Vision New Zealand

January 27, 2006

The well-known New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless is usually seen on the small screen dressed in leather with a bronze breastplate, brandishing a spear and fighting the enemy.

This Tuesday night (January 31), on TV2, we’ll see her in Bangladesh, battling her own emotions as she confronts poverty and child labour in Bangladesh. Lucy Lawless – 5 Days in Bangladesh follows Lucy through the impoverished country as she meets children living on the streets and forced to work for a pittance to help support their families.

She visits her World Vision sponsored child, Banik, whom she has supported for years, through a life-threatening illness, to the point where he’s now a healthy young man, about to attend university.

"It's very rare that when you give money to a charity you get to see what that money does, so it was a real privilege going to see Banik," she says.

But she also meets children who aren’t sponsored, who have been living on the street, without family, all their lives.

"People were rough to us," one child told Lucy through an interpreter. Lucy knows that's a major understatement.

"I came away with low level anger because those kids have been so abused, so neglected," says Lucy.

Lucy Lawless - 5 days in Bangladesh, Tuesday January 31, TV2, 7.30pm