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Wizard Magazine

September 2009 Issue

Scanned by Norma / Transcript by MaryD



From 'Xena: The Warrior Princess' to 'Battlestar Galactica,' Lucy Lawless is no stranger to genre fare. The actress continues that trend in the Sam Raimi-produced 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand'

WIZARD: Lucy, can you talk about your character on "Spartacus"?

LAWLESS: Lucretia is the wife of Batiatus who owns the Ludus-the gladiator training school that has been in his family for generations. Her mission is to keep the family business going, and she's failing in her eftorts to bring an heir. She also really despises Spartacus. She's just a tragic and terrible character-which I've found hugely entertaining! [Laughs}

Why does Lucretia hate Spartacus so much?

He's a completely different class. As far as she's concerned, the gladiators are just horseflesh. Some she likes-a little too much'-but not him.

How would you compare this character to other villains you've played, such as D'Anna on "Battlestar Galactica"?

I've never even thought to compare them. They're very different, though they're both trying to survive. In fact, I think that all of my characters have been doing thatójust trying to survive. I've never been drawn to roles where people are not at least morally imperiled. I don't want to play something where we talk about mundane stuff all of the time. I have to do things that are very tasty and tangy and intense.

What have you found challenging about the role?

A lot. not the least of which is doing sex scenes. Honestly, the first day I had to do one. I went home and crashed for 12 hours because it was just so stressful! [Laughs] I'd like to think that I'm a more modem woman who doesn't think that these things are a org deal, but I found it really hard.

Do you miss playing action-oriented characters?

I'm so thrilled that I don't have to do any of the fighting! [Laughs] I hated doing that stuff on "Xena." But I'm glad I was forced to do it m retrospect, because that would ve been an aspect of hfe that Id never pursued. I'm glad I was forced out of my comfort zone but I'm very happy to leave that in the past. God. it's fantastic! ©