Cinescape Magazine
16 February 2001

Lucy Lawless Talks About Hanging Up the Chakram
Thoughts on the series` close

Though Xena: Warrior Princess> the series comes to a close this May, Lucy Lawless is well aware that, for her, Xena: Warrior Princess the experience will never end.

`I know for the rest of my life I`ll be like Barbara Eden [of I Dream of Jeannie fame]. It will be, `Oh, doesn`t she look great. Didn`t she play Xena back in the `90s?`` says the actress, who played the butt-kicking heroine for six seasons. `I`ll always be identified as that person who used to be Xena. Then I bet you in five years they`ll do a big Xena movie and ask me to come back as her mother. I know that day is coming.`

Until that day arrives, Lawless says she`s happy to take off her metal breastplate and leave her chakram up on the mantelpiece.

`It wasn`t my decision to end the series, but I am happy,` she says. `I want Xena to go out on a high. I think another year would be an unbelievable slog.`


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