NZ Sunday News

April 11, 1999

Contributed by Liz

In David Hartnell's column - I'm not one to gossip but.....

How Lucy overcame her fear of failure

Pic: Lucy as Xena looking really mean
Caption: Once a Worrier.

TV's Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless says she overcame a fear of failure by flicking through her TV dial.

Yes, apparently the woman behind butt-kicking Xena was not always sure she's succeed. Then one night on TV she came across Leeza Gibbons singing the praises of motivational guru Tony Robbins, the self-improvement giant who has sold 25 million copies of his Personal Power audio series.

She bought a selection of his tapes including one which dealt with overcoming fears of failure.

Lucy realised she could change her own destiny with motivational tactics and she has.

"Thanks to Tony, I'm ready for the next 30 years of my life," Lucy told an insider.