NZ SundayStar Times

4 May 2003

A true cast call for Lucy and Jonah


Lucy Lawless and Jonah Lomu visited Starship Children's Hospital last week to add their names to the cast of cancer patient Letitia Douglas, 10 - and to the campaign to keep the hospital's name.

In today's Sunday Star-Times, Auckland District Health Board boss Wayne Brown signals plans to quit after a week of abuse over the name change plans. The board has canned the idea - after a campaign driven by the Star-Times. "I lost that one 500-nil," Brown said.

But Brown also warned that a lack of co-operation over changes to Auckland hospitals would result in reduced services. "There will be service cuts unless I can get some traction." Asked if that meant health rationing - providing health until the money runs out then stopping - he said: "No, it's the even more ugly word, financial reality."

Brown also said he was determined to pursue name changes for National Women's and Green Lane, to remove links with, for National Women's, the Unfortunate Experiment, and for the cardiac unit, retaining babies' hearts.

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