Woman's Day

March 29, 1999 - Tall Story

Showbuzz Column
Picture: TRANZ/ONF

Contributed by: Liz/Sojourner

Tall Story

Xena would probably think Superman was a "fruit", says Kiwi star Lucy Lawless, who plays the kick-butt action gal. "She's distract him with something like 'Hey, look at that run in your tights!' then stuff him into his telephone booth," laughs Lucy. In MAXIM magazine, she also laughs about how people react upon seeing her her and realising she's not larger than life. "People assume I'm a total Amazon - like I have to duck to go through doors. At one convention, a woman was struck speechless. She held her hands above her head, pantomiming that she expected me to be taller. Then she put her hands in front of her chest, like she expected me to have enormous bosoms. What could I say?"




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