Woman's Day

May 24, 1999

Lucy's Flawless

Pictures: TRANZ

Contributed by Liz

Kiwi star Lucy Lawless is a woman of many parts -mother, warrior woman, sophisticated Hollywood celebrity and now, on the cover of the American magazine MAXIM, she looks like she'd be at home in an S&M parlour.

Due to give birth to her second child around October, she tells the magazine she sometimes receives letters from "judges who want me to walk on them in my leather boots".

She also reveals how she went to a convent school but never aspired to become a nun as "nuns weren't really women, and with those long dresses I wasn't even sure they had legs".

Her comments will come as a bit of a surprise to Nelson residents who are set to glimpse the Xena star in their Lift-Off parade on May 30. She will lead the procession that celebrates 100 years of Nelson's Suter Art Museum.

Meantime, here are a few of the suggestions emailed in by readers for Lucy and hubby Rob Tapert's baby:

Xenhua (pronounced zen-hoo-wa), Chinese for child of royal birth (from Corinna Purcell)

Niamh (Neave), Gaelic for bright  light

Biance, Celtic, meaning fair one (from Deanne Guidera)

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