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SPOILERS for Lucy's Role on BSG

6 September 2006

Just got word from Sean at IF Magazine that they have a James Callis
interview and there's a Lucy mention - Part 1 of the interview is online

iF: You had Lucy Lawless as a regular this season, how did that change
your dynamic?

CALLIS: She and Baltar have a connection. It’s quite interesting, even
though they share a connection there doesn’t seem to be very much trust
in the way that Baltar has his relationship with Six. You never know
which way it’s going to turn, and Lucy is a very beautiful girl.

iF: Did she sing to you?

CALLIS: No. But she is going to be singing. Have you heard? I think
she’s going to be singing, not in our show, but in another show.
[Laughs] The musical number on the Cylon base ship "One…Singular
Sensation" didn’t make it. She doesn’t stay all the way through. She’s a
Cylon so she lives forever. Due to her involvement with me, and her own
strange messianic trouble she puts herself at odds with the rest of
Cylon society.


5 September 2006

The following is from the aintitcool site
many thanks to Barbara for the news...

* Amanda Plummer turns up in 3.3, perfectly cast as a kamala-gulping soothsayer who has a chat with D'Anna.

* We see a representative of each of the seven models we’ve MET - a D’Anna (Lucy Lawless), a Cavil (Dean Stockwell), a Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie), a Doral (Matthew Bennett), a Simon (Rick Worthy), a Six (Tricia Helfer) and a Sharon (Grace Park) - getting to vote on extremely important decisions regarding the fate of Baltar and of the New Caprica humans generally. But the five models we’ve not met are apparently not given a vote! 


4 August 2006

Many thanks to The Merovingian for the following:

Rumours abound that Lucy's character D'anna Biers will be the one to get 'boxed' or killed. Since Lucy isn't scheduled to come back (unless TPTB ask her back) then that's a good possibility.

and some more news....

Check out more Season 3 news here (Caution, spoilers (some
from Lucy, though you've seen them before).

***Lucy isn't going to be in "10 episodes".  She's going to be in
ELEVEN.  The way it works is that like Season 2, Season 3 will come in two halves, with a mid-season cliffhanger.  But unlike Season 2 (where there was a 4 month mid-season hiatus) the mid-Season 3 cliffhanger will air in early December, and there will be just a ONE month break for Christmas.  Anyway, Season 3 will contain 20 hours of TV, but *eleven* of those hours will air before Christmas.  Essentially, the first "episode" of Season 3 is a "super-episode".  Originally "Occupation" was going to be episode 1, and "Precipice" would be
episode 2...but now they've combined them into a 2 hour tv event; the
episodes will air back-to-back on October 6th, but they'll just be
together considered "episode 1".

Here's the full list of Season 3.0 episode titles, the first 10
episodes that (I assume) Lucy will appear in:

"Occupation" - episode 1

"Precipice" - "episode 1.5"

"Exodus, Part I" - episode 2 (this was originally supposed to be one
episode, but it ran long and got split into two)

"Exodus, Part II" - episode 3

"Collaborators" - episode 4

"Torn" - episode 5

"A Measure of Salvation" - episode 6 ("Torn" and "A Measture of
Salvation" are parts 1 and 2 of a two-part episode story)

"Hero" - episode 7

"Unfinished Business" - episode 8

"The Passage" - episode 9

"The Eye of Jupiter" - episode 10

So "Occupation" and "Precipice" are counted as "one" episode, and
"Exodus" got expanded into two episodes, so I think that Lucy is
actually going to be in "eleven hours" of television, which BSG is
considering "10 episodes".  What can I say, BSG refuses to be defined
by such terms as "two part episode".


14 March 2006

Spoilers from Battlestar Galactica Set to Go Into Hyperdrive in Season 3: Spoilers Included So Beware! -

First up, Battlestar Galactica will not be Occupation New Caprica for long. While the Cylons will hold the fleet on the planet, a resolution of sorts will occur by the fourth or fifth episode. According to Moore, "I don't think it will take quite as long as it took us to wrap up the arc at the beginning of the second season." The humans will return to the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus very quickly and resume their journey to Earth.

Secondly, a new arc on the Cylon home world will be introduced. "We're going to do an ongoing Cylon story where we're going to be cutting over to the Cylon world for the first time." As Lucy Lawless (Number Three aka D'anna Biers) is joining the cast for at least 10 episodes, one can only speculate that she will be one of the Cylons on the home world who will try to convince other models that it is the wrong thing to negotiate with the humans. Hopefully, Brother Cavel will show up too; an inside source at the SCI FI Channel has indicated that negotiations are underway to bring back Dean Stockwell to the series in the upcoming season.

Finally, Baltar will further go down the path to darkness and corruption. "[We plan to make him] more of an antagonist." Whether his character will ever reach the depths of depravity as the original figure played by John Colicos has yet to be determined. When asked whether Gaius will be sitting up in a high chair giving orders to the Cylons like Colicos, Moore could only indicate with a chuckle, "I don't know... That's still a possibility."


23 February 2006

Spoilers for Downloaded
Source: Now Playing Magazine 23 February 2006


“Downloaded” finally presents us the world of Galactica as seen by the Cylon androids, the enemies of the human Colonials who are typically our series leads. It’s an idea that’s been brewing for some time, says executive producer Ron Moore, and it will feature some familiar yet nonetheless surprising faces.

“The episode is essentially following two Cylon characters,” he explains. “It’s going to follow the character we’re calling Caprica Six, who is the Six that Baltar was involved with in the beginning of the miniseries, and she’s the Six that was killed when his house was destroyed. She wakes up and is reborn. And then we’re also following Boomer, the Cylon that was shot on Galactica by Cally. And it’s the same thing. We follow her and she is reborn. And it’s essentially the story of those two characters. … I don’t think all the main cast is in the show. The A-story takes place primarily on Cylon-occupied Caprica, and there is a B-story on Galactica.”

It makes complete sense, of course, that both Caprica Six and the Galactica Boomer (or Sharon) would be reborn into new bodies – even though audiences have generally taken it that both characters were dead and gone. But they’re also changed creatures as a result of the experiences they had in their former bodies, with Six still lamenting the loss of her love Baltar, and Sharon refusing to give up on the life she had when she was conditioned to believe that she was human. Hailed as heroes of the Cylon for their part in the Colonial holocaust, the two meet on Caprica and take a path by episode’s end that certainly isn’t expected of them. And “Downloaded” itself perhaps takes an unexpected path too, as many fans have always believed that the “Cylon” episode would take place on the heretofore unseen mysterious Cylon homeworld rather than on plain old Caprica. Moore warns, though, that we won’t be seeing that particular planet any time soon.

“That episode will not have that, and we still don’t have any plans to do that,” he says. “My instinct is kind of not to go there. I feel like I don’t have a great clear vision of it; at this point if we tried to do something there it would look very familiar and not as interesting as it is in your imagination.”

Afterall, the Cylon world must be fairly similar to a Caprica or Kobol, right? The Cylons are, more or less, humanoid. “It still has to be a place where bipedal creatures can walk around and do things,” laughs Moore. And that makes sense, too. How disappointing would it be to go to the Cylon homeworld and find that it looks a lot like the outside of a Canadian shopping mall? Or that the Imperious Leader still sits in that really high chair in that really dark room, where the production budget really can’t afford props? Besides, fans thought they weren’t getting this episode at all up until a few weeks ago.

“In fact, it was never off track,” says Moore. “I’d seen that speculation and I was wondering, ‘Why do they keep saying that?’ There was probably some confusion because we were talking about doing a clip show at one point for budgetary reasons. They’re much cheaper to produce and we were having huge cost overruns, but when we split “Resurrection Ship” into two pieces and got another episode out of it, we didn’t need to do a clip show. So that was the episode that got kicked out, and “Downloaded” just moved down the line sequentially because there was an extra episode before it.”


Spoilers for Downloaded
Source: E! Online

Posted By: kristin
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Posted: Feb 22, 2006 3:19 PM

So good.
So, so, so, so, so good.
Big happenings with the wee baby -- and there's a twist you won't see coming.
And an unlikely friendship forges some interesting developments regarding Lucy Lawless.
And ... oh, just watch!
Even if you've never seen this show before, you will get this episode and I really do think you'll love it.

Friday night. Check it.


Spoilers for Downloaded
Source: Cylons' world on 'Battlestar Galactica' gets complicated - Scripps Howard News Service 23 February 2006

Previously, Lawless' character had pretended to be a reporter aboard the Battlestar Galactica. This week, D'Anna uses her leadership role to change the heart of the resurrected Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valeri (Grace Park) on Caprica, the world conquered by the Cylons. She wants Sharon to get back into the spirit of being a Cylon.

But these Cylons are becoming as human as they look. Sharon, who didn't know she was a Cylon when she served aboard the Battlestar Galactica, is angry about how the Cylons used her to try to kill the man she loved like a father, Cmdr. William Adama (Edward James Olmos). (Sharon was killed on the Battlestar, and as is customary among the Cylons, her consciousness was downloaded into another copy of her body.)

Lawless' D'Anna Biers wants Sharon to get over that remorse in a plot full of surprises and involving Number Six (Tricia Helfer). Number Six gained the defense codes that allowed the Cylons to drop nuclear bombs on Caprica.

The episode is a strong one because of the writing and the performances by Helfer, Park and Lawless. The Cylons, whose entire culture is based on total agreement on their mission, are now faced with a question for which they weren't programmed: individuality. Friday's episode is powerful because it shows that individuality in action. And that could change the whole dynamic of "Battlestar Galactica."

Lawless will return next season as a regular cast member, and her presence will add another layer to one of the most complicated and genuine sci-fi shows on TV.



21 February 2006

Upcoming Magazine Photoshoot

Lucy will be doing a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly called "Cylon Women of Battlestar Galactica"

Date isn't known when it will hit newstands.
Source: Lawless Ink

Spoilers for : Downloaded

SciFi February 2006 - Inside SciFi Friday
Full article can be read here: (click on the BSG article link)

Will there be a new "evil" Sharon copy introduced back on Caprica? We saw one briefly in "Final Cut"

Grace Park -- Sharon "Boomer" Valerii: Hmm... Do i detect some racial profiling? Tricia and I specifically played that scene with no "evilness," yet we can never get away from the fact that one short year ago we obliterated the human race! You... people.

Actually you are going to see an episode where Number Six and a Sharon both "resurrect" or download into new bodies, but there is a systems glitch, and we mistakenly switch bodies! So she has to act like Sharon, and I have to have visions of Baltar in my head. Now that I've told you, I have to kill you.

20 February 2006

Lucy was recently interviewed by (click here to view videoclip) where she described her character in the upcoming 10 episode arc in Season 3 as:

"Badder, madder and more awful to know"

Lucy also said that she has no plans to reprising her role beyond the 10 episodes because of other commitments.


15 February 2006

Official Press Release for Downloaded

“On Caprica, the reincarnated Number Six (Tricia Helfer) and Sharon (Grace Park) are hailed as Heroes of the Cylon for the key roles they played in the near-destruction of the human race. But these are tortured heroes. Number Six’s thoughts are haunted by Baltar (James Callis), just as she haunts his thoughts on Galactica. And Sharon has so fervently embraced her love for Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) and the fake human life the Cylons created for her undercover mission that the Cylon leadership – D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) and Doral (Matthew Bennett) – are thinking of ‘boxing’ her (putting her consciousness into cold storage). Meanwhile, the human resistance – under the leadership of Kara’s lover, Samuel Anders (Michael Trucco) – is preparing to strike a savage blow, however futile, against the Cylon occupation.

“On Galactica, the captive Sharon gives premature birth to Hera, the child she conceived with Helo (Tahmoh Penikett). As the infant fights for life, she becomes the focus of intrigue, as President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and the Cylons hidden amongst the fleet fight to gain control of this newborn symbol of hope… or harbinger of human extinction.”
Source: Now Playing Magazine



13 February 2006

The episode is purported to be the "Cylon point of view" episode mentioned by producer Ron Moore in several interviews and blog postings. It is rumored to show what happened to the soul of Galactica Boomer after she was killed by Cally. This episode suposedly gives new insight to the Cylon religion and the basic structure of Cylon society. Lucy Lawless makes a return appearance as reporter/Humano-Cylon D'anna Biers. Source: The Patriot Resource

Caprica-Sharon's Cylon-Human Hybrid daughter is born prematurely in this episode. Galactica-D'anna may try to gain access to it. We will see an extended flashback of Galactica-Sharon's consciousness being reborn in a new body immediatelly following the end of "Resistance" (thanks to the Resurrection Ship, which wasn't destroyed until eight episodes later in "Resurrection Ship, Part II").
Source: Battlestar Wiki


11 February 2006

The following is from My Tea Party Blog

tv guide blurb for

"Lucy Lawless portrays a member of the cylon leadership, who honors Number Six & Sharon as heros on Caprica.  Elsewhere Kara's lover, Samuel Anders, plans an attack on the cylons."


4 February 2006

From Entertainment Weekly. Former Xena, Lucy Lawless, will parlay her second appearance (on Feb. 24) as sentient hottie/brassy TV reporter D'Anna Biers into a full-time gig on Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica. The 10-epicode arc, starting next season, will detail D'Anna's emergence as - leader of her human-hating species, the Cylons. "I'm disinterested in playing a bleeding-heart Cylon," Lawless giggles. Besides, she points out cryptically, "no evil person thinks they're evil."

26 January 2006 -

Lucy is interviewed on and let's slip a tiny spoiler about Downloaded:

"I was on Battlestar last week and Trisha who plays Number Six on the show, she whacks me on the head with a rock, repeatedly..."

Click here to view video clip


It's regarding Lucy's upcoming episode "Downloaded"
I've seen some speculation out there that we dropped the Cylon POV episode from the lineup this season, but I'm happy to report that it's untrue. The episode, "Downloaded" will be broadcast as number 18 and I just watched it last night. It's a good show and a very different spin on our story thus far, in that we're telling the A-story entirely through the eyes of the Cylons for the first time. This was something that I'd been wanting to do for a long time but it took a while to come to fruition. The confusion probably came from the fact that we had initially planned to do a clip show as ep 18, but then dropped those plans once we made the decision to split "Resurrection Ship" into two parts, thereby giving us an extra episode and obviating the need for the clip show (which was being planning for budgetary reasons).

Source: Chicago Tribune interview with Ron Moore 4 January 2006

“There’s an episode down the line that we’re really excited about, the entire episode is told from the Cylon point of view: what their society is like, what they go through during reincarnation and when they’re born again. We really get inside the Cylon [society] and get to view that for the first time. [In another story in this episode, something really important happens, but I’m not going to give it away, dear readers. It’s just too good].


The episode is partly set on Caprica and shows what has happened to Galactica Boomer upon her "rebirth" in the Cylon fleet after she was killed by Cally. This is the Cylon point-of-view episode. Lucy Lawless appears as D'Anna Biers. She also is slated to appear in another episode, either the one just before this one, or the one following.
Source: Patriot Resource Site



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