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Lucy Lawless
Prop 8 Protest

15 November 2008

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On November 4, 2008, America had an election and to the joy of many, Senator Barack Obama was voted in to become the 44th President of the US. That joy was tempered by the news that voters in several states voted for hate against their fellow citizens and gay couples will no longer be able to marry or adopt children (in one state). Lucy has come out in opposition to "Prop 8" and people are organising to protest and they have today in
record numbers.

If you want to keep updated on how to support Join the Impact - visit here


Lucy said:

"We rode the soul train (subway) in this morning and it was so great with everybody piling in at each station, it was really exciting. There's an old Chinese saying which is: 'Do not fear, the enemy that is outside the walls. Fear the wall builders.' But can you feel that wall coming down? And you know what? They will fight back with their bag of dirty tricks but keep spreading the love and do the right thing...Be warriors for equality!"

and then Lucy did the Xena warcry - watch it on the video



YouTube #2


YouTube #1



Join The Impact - Lucy Lawless


The following photos are linked to the original sites

Larry's MySpace Blog from the Event
Check out his report and Pic of Lucy and other photos
Great photo of 8 x 10 of Lucy - click on the photo link, not all the photo will be shown on screen, right click to save and then view the full pic

Click here for the page

High resolution Lucy photo with Ricki Lake and Marissa
Click on the smaller image on the page to get the high res version

Click here for the image


The following is from Advocate:
Spotted (or heard) at the L.A. rally:

- Lucy Lawless (speaking to the crowd at City Hall, and doing her Xena 'yee-yee-yee' thing)

The following is from
the Daily Dish:

I just got back from the LA protest. It was amazing. The protest was very well organized. The mayor showed up, the head of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Council gave a great speech, Lucy Lawless gave a speech (c'mon, you have to love that)---all-in-all...

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