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News from Comic Con
Last Updated: 28 July 2009

Here they come - Pictures, Video and Reports from the Spartacus Panel!


Added 33 screencaptures taken from the interview with Michael Ausiello. Screencaptures created by Mesh.

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Entertainment Weekly has a STUNNING picture of Lucy from Comic Con. Absolutely stunning.

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More News about the Spartacus panel and the show can be found here:

Chicago Now -
'Spartacus' makes impressive debut at Comic-Con

San Diego Union Tribute - 25 July 2009

Thumbnail image for lucy-comiccon-sfweekly.jpgSF Weekly has a gorgeous picture of Lucy from the 2009 Comic Con.

Lucy Lawless was in the house, promoting Spartacus.

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News contributed by Barbara Davies


Lori has reported in with some FABULOUS pictures from the panel. All of the pics are of Lucy, Rob and Erin. There are more to come. 18 photos have been posted.

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Lucy visited Ausiello (from TV Guide) and
"A Comic-Con veteran just dropped in and gave me the best interview ever "

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There are two pics of Lucy currently on the web of her out and about at Comic Con and looking absolutely fabulous!
Twitter Pic #1  |  Twitter Pic #2

Report from Annie:

The footage looks AMAZING!!! Lots of nekkid bodies, male and female, gory fights with a visual style similar to 300. Lucy and Rob's nameplates were reversed-there was a humorous moment when Lucy covertly switched them to their proper place amongst audience giggles. Lucy said she has no fighting but has to work out for the revealing scenes. ;-) When a fan asked Lucy for her nameplate, she heaved a mock annoyed sigh and threw it off the stage to the guy-was hilarious!

Photos from Annie and Lori will be added to the the AUSXIP Spartacus Galleries
Only a couple of photos from Annie - more will be coming soon

From Natali Del Conte's site: "I am a correspondent for The CBS Early Show and WCBS and a host on CNET TV. My daily newscast on CNET TV is called Loaded and I am a co-host of the daily podcast Buzz Out Loud."

She tweeted: natalidelconte: "Feel like an entertainment reporter. Interviews with Terri Hatcher, Danny DeVito, Lucy Lawless, and Big Bang Theory cast."

Panel photo by

TeelaJBrown tweets:
Lucy Lawless: "I am not playing a role model"

lifeonqueen tweets: Not surprisingly, Lucy Lawless is pratically the only one getting questions. #spartacus

TeelaJBrown: blurry lucy lawless (sorry) #sdcc

kphipps3000: Watching a panel for SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND. Lucy Lawless should have more roles with her natural accent.

lifeonqueen: Lucy Lawless gets the biggest laugh when asked about preparations for the role: "No, darling, I've been evil for years." #SPARTACUS #sdcc

lifeonqueen: I know lots of people who are going to be trilled that Lucy Lawless has just announced she's going to be naked onscreen in SPARTACUS #sdcc

gpcrush: Spartacus looks hot! its Rome, 300 and Gladiator mixed n2 one. Lucy Lawless looks gorgeous & regal. love her! #fb

mvrivero: @ewausiellofiles - OMG!!! Lucy Lawless is sooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!! what a lucky guy!!!