Lucy Lawless
At  Gay Pride 2005 Festival
11 June 2005

Lucy's song: "Come To Me"
by France Joli

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May 5, 2005

West Hollywood, CA – Christopher Street West, the non-profit group behind one of the country’s most high-profile celebrations for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender community, announced today its plans for the 2005 Los Angeles Pride Festival. Christopher Street West (CSW) and its flagship festival were first formed in 1970; the group is revealing a new look and plans for high-profile entertainment to
celebrate its 35th birthday.

The 2005 festival, themed “How Do You Wear Your Pride?”, is scheduled for June 10 through June 12 in West Hollywood, California. The festival will once again be held at West Hollywood Park, and will feature live entertainment on several stages, dance pavilions, carnival rides, and informational booths. The festival doors are open on Saturday, June 11, from noon to 11pm and on Sunday, June 12, from 11am to 10pm. Among the musical performers for this year’s festival will be Deborah Harry of Blondie, Deborah Gibson, and Tiffany. Admission is $15 each day. The 2005 Pride Parade will begin at 11am on Sunday, June 12 at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevards in West Hollywood. The parade route continues down Santa Monica Boulevard to La Peer Drive.

The parade is free. To find out more about this year’s festivities, visit
The first-ever Los Angeles-area celebration was held on June 28, 1970, to commemorate the oneyear anniversary of the drag-queen-led rebellion at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The Stonewall incident is considered the beginning of the modern-day LGBT equal rights movement, and is celebrated each year by festivals across the country. On the occasion of CSW’s 30the anniversary, founder Morris Kight (1919 – 2003) remembered the first celebration in this way: “I had had a note from a prime activist in New York, which said: Dear Morris, we, in New York, are going to have some kind of celebration of the Stonewall. What are you going to do in Los Angeles?…I yelled out: We are going to have a parade!”

Not without difficulty, the parade succeeded and Christopher Street West continues to honor the founders of the GLBT movement while engaging our leaders of tomorrow. Rodney Scott, president of the Christopher Street West Board of Directors since 2000 says, “I am humbled to be leading an organization, which today stands on the shoulders of our courageous ancestors who 35 years ago began risking their lives to stand up for GLBT rights. Those founders of the movement insisted on not being invisible, and it’s because of them we continue our work.

Throughout the past 35 years, Christopher Street West has played a critical role in the movement. CSW is a part of the past, present, and the future.”

In addition to Kight, the first parade was organized by Reverend Troy Perry of the Metropolitan Community Church, and held on Hollywood Boulevard. Perry faced a hostile police commission and a Chief of Police who likened homosexuals to “a group of thieves and robbers”. But with perseverance, and a ruling by the California Superior Court, the City of Los Angeles granted a parade permit, which led
the way for the first-ever parade of its kind in Los Angeles and paved the way for Christopher Street West to be the first-ever GLBT organization in the state of California.

Today, Christopher Street West Association, Inc., continues to be a non-profit service organization within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community of Greater Los Angeles, committed to the goals of human rights, education, outreach and better understanding within the GLBT community and the
heterosexual community. To find out more about CSW and it’s history, go to






Come To Me by Lucy Lawless 2005 Gay Pride Festival
Posted on: 3rd April 2011

Come To Me by Lucy Lawless 2005 Gay Pride Festival

Lucy Lawless at the  At  Gay Pride 2005 Festival 11 June 2005 Lucy sang the song “Come To Me” Here are two pieces of art that I did for the occassion. You can also find more pictures and reports from the event on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless 2005 Gay Pride Festival Event Page  

Sam contributed a small snippet of video taken during Lucy's performance. It's just over a 1 minute of the 15 minute performance. You will need Quicktime to view it.
Click here to download video - mov format 14.2 mb

If your video player is having difficulties playing this file you can Download quicktime from here


Ellen took some GORGEOUS STUNNING pictures of Lucy from the Gay Pride Festival.

Click here to view the pictures and how to purchase them


Lucy and  Ginger Coyote from the White Trash Debutantes band. Ginger and the band performed at the Gay Pride Festival with Lucy. Ginger's caption for the picture is "Lucy Lawless  and Ginger Coyote planning a Xena Reunion minus Gabrielle "Xena and Ginger"

Click here to visit The Official White Trash Debutantes Site


Pictures by Anne Pizotes


Pictures by Sam


Picture by Teresa Ortega