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A Lucy Lawless Musical Theatre Subsite - GREASE!

From: Dragon Lady (

I was lucky enough to be in the audience for Lucy's opening night in "Grease".

SAL_FAN will be posting a rather in-depth review tomorrow, but I wanted to share a few thoughts of my own.

About 20 of us met for a pre-theatre dinner. It was fun renewing acquaintances and meeting Xenites whom I had only known via the net. Dinner was over in what seemed to be a twinkling of an eye. It was time to head to the theatre.

There were more than a few Xenites in the audience (as well as Rob Tapert). Before the show and during intermission I had the chance to meet more Xenites (also just handles on the net before).

So, you're did Lucy do? She was GREAT!!! The lady can sing, dance and boy can she act! She brought real depth the character of Rizzo. She even swings a mean hula hoop. I was sitting in the 2nd row and Lucy spent a good deal of the time right in front of me. I had never seen her in person. She really is smaller in person (and boy she looks young. Really great too). The only time she appeared nervous was during her curtain speech. (In which she thanked her fellow cast and the crew for taking her in their hearts and treating her like one of the family. She even blew Rob a kiss at the end).

I left the theatre with the following strong impressions:

1. SAL_FAN is fickle. (Sorry, location/private joke I felt compelled to include).

2. Rob Tapert is a really nice guy. (So is Tyldus (Steven Sears). It seems niceness runs rampant among Xenastaff).

3. Lucy is a lot more than Xena. It was wonderful seeing Lucy perform live; stretching beyond Xena. And anytime we get to hear her sing life is good. The lady is a real class act who (I strongly suspect) can play any role she wants.

4. If you have the chance to see "Grease" I strongly recommend you take it. She's wonderful folks.

NOTE: I would like to apologize to the ladies sitting next to me for deafening them during the ovation for Lucy.

NOTE TO SELF: I think I may have to see the show more than I originally planned. I'm going to have to mortage my soul to do it; but it's worth it.

By the way, ET was interviewing Xenites outside the theatre and was going in to interview Flawless. It's supposed to be on tomorrow night.

Dragon Lady