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A Lucy Lawless Musical Theatre Subsite - GREASE!

Grease report by Jan Vance

The weekend of September 26-28 will forever be my most reasured memory. It was the first time I had ever traveled to Manhattan, and the first opportunity to see a live Broadway production. As soon as I heard that Ms. Lawless was going to be a part of the play, I knew I had to go. It was the best trip I could have ever imagined. I travelled alone and felt free, safe and inspired.

I had never seen Grease before, but had heard of the play and seen bits and pieces of the movie. But never before had I been so mesmerized by one individual. Ms. Lawless was a standout, knockout and all around trouper! This having been her first Broadway attempt, she did a bang up job. From dancing, to acting, to singing, to ululating, to hoolahooping, to flirting and to being the most beautiful woman on stage, she did it all. As others have reported, she interjected her famous battle cry and stopped the show for 2 minutes! The rest of the cast was caught up in the laughter, some of them had a hard time keeping a straight face. The one number that I really enjoyed was the scene where she is dressed in black jeans, bra, boots and leather jacket. She is singing with a gang of boys and sitting on top of a junk car. I wish that I had gotten some pictures of that scene! Another favorite scene was the bathroom where Ms Lawless was smoking and guzzling booze dressed in a black nightie and enjoying the moment with her groupies! What a stitch!

I have nothing but great things to say about her performance. Her voice was strong, sultry and warm. This was a perfect part for her. It was dramatic in parts but delightfully comedic in others. In her current role of Xena, she certainly has developed both of these talents, it seems to come naturally to her.

On Sunday, 28 September, I was again fortunate to see Ms Lawless at the Xena Convention. Wow! She is a classy act and a special person. Although she arrived late, the crowd was understanding and most appreciative of her appearance. She was a bit under the weather, fighting a cold, but she was friendly, genuine, sincere and there for the fans! My only complaint was with the Creation Entertainment company. While I applaud their hosting such an event, I wonder about the treatment of the star. I know time is money and money is time, but the host of the convention interrupted her a couple of times not to pose for pictures. I found that somewhat rude and unneccessary. If Ms. Lawless wanted to do something different then, I would certainly allow her to interact more with the fans. I, along with others probably in our dreams, would love to see a very casual, relaxed environment for a get together almost a pitch in sort of affair. Everyone, even the stars, wold be laid back, and comfortable.

There were clips from the upcoming 3rd season. Looks to be a wild and terrific year! Prior to Lucy appearing on the stage, there was an intro video which was a montage of the characters with music provided by Sisters. I am not too sure of the artist's name, I think it was Sisters. Anyway the music was very appropriate to the montage. Sure wish they would product it!

Overall, Ms Lawless is one talented and beautiful woman. I hope that she finds true happiness, comfort and joy in everything she does. If she decided to do another play, I will certainly be there to cheer her on!

Jan Vance