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A Lucy Lawless Musical Theatre Subsite - GREASE!

From Ill2 (Marty)

Just got back from seeing Grease (twice). Lucy Lawless was stunning. This was the fist time I saw the real 3D her, and she by far outshines any 2D images on television or film.

The entire cast was great, but Lucy seems to have done it again. Everyone did their jobs right, and they all looked good at what they were doing. However, when Lucy Lawless is on stage, everything and everyone else somehow fades back. That amazing, unexplainable presence she brings with her takes over. Xena may be no more than Lucy, but Lucy is much, much more than Xena.

After the show, with typical graciousness, she moved around the area given to her, again and again, sometimes running from one side to another signing as many posters and programs as humanly possible; always
with a smile, always with that stunning charm pouring out over all those that love her.

She was obviously destined for stardom.

It could not have happened to anyone more deserving, or to anyone that could handle it more gracefully.

Of all the people I could have chose to admire as a fan, I am thrilled to have, by some unexplained accident, become a fan of Lucy Lawless. If she chooses to stay a star, I will keep watching. If she chooses another course, which is her right, I will remain grateful she has given as much as she did. Go gem 'em Lucy.