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From: Mistopholees <>

Hey! Just got home after seeing Lucy on Broadway. The lady was wonderful. She was a little nervous at the beginning (those shaky hands of hers gave her away), but she pulled a top-notch performance out of her hat.

Lucy looked great. No surprise there. She gave a short speech after the show, and delighed the audience when she let out a Xena yell in the middle of her performance (it worked, believe me!) Anyway, she delighted her fans and did seem to enjoy herself after she settled down.

Crowd was on its feet!

Loved the seats we were in (I was there sitting next to Alaska). Two rows from the stage, we had a great view. Gods, this woman is gorgeous! Rob Tapert was a few rows behind us, and he seemed to be enjoying not only Lucy's performance, but the audience reaction as well. ET was there, so set those VCRs tomorrow. And don't forget American Journal. That's suppose to air tomorrow as well.