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Site History

In the time of ancient warlords, kings and defective VCR programming...a site was born..well sorta <g>

Our tale, dear reader, goes back in the dim 1990's...actually 1996, on a hot and humid Saturday Sydney night in the dying days of 1996. December 14, 1996 to be exact. I sat down to make sure that I would tape a show for a friend who missed the first episode of a show called "Xena: Warrior Princess". Frankly I wasn't going to give her a tape with Australia's Funniest Home Videos  on it since she really had her heart set on this show.

My intention was to sit for a minute, make sure the VCR was taping what it was supposed to be taping and move on to more important things...alas fate had other ideas and thus I began this insane journey of creating a site dedicated to Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. The site was called The Australian Xena Information Page at http://www.zip.com.au/~kira

That site were born December 15, 1996 when everything I did to get the idea out of my head failed and so in the true and trusted method of giving in to my ideas, I created the site.

Originally the site were located under one address on the 5 mb space allocated to me by my ISP. I did a Bill Gates and said the immortal words...I don't think I'll need more than 5 mb. You can stop laughing now :)

To my utter amazement, I found that 5 mb wasn't enough so in April 1997 I move the site to simplenet where it found fertile soil and flourished. That address was http://www.xenite.simplenet.com

On 20 July 1999 the site changed to it's domain name: www.ausxip.com

Simplenet/Yahoo got a little tight with their size restrictions so ausxip had to move again. This time it took up residence on hostingshop servers with a huge 10 gb hard drive (no one remind me about the 5 mb okay?).

I found that I needed to separate my general Xena site from the two offshoot sites for Lucy & Renee. Funnily enough Renee's section was done first and July 1997 saw Renee's section come into being.

I persisted with having Lucy's section still merged with Ausxip because to me Lucy was Xena and Xena was Lucy. It wasn't until I realised that I was adding articles/news/images that had nothing to do with Xena and all to do with Lucy's other creative endeavours did I split the two up and formed the Lawless Files in 1998. That new section was located at http://www.ausxip.com/lawless/index.html

In 8 April 2003 I decided the two sites needed to get out of the ausxip.com nest and get their own domain names so www.lucylawless.net was born.

Alas it seemed that the 10 gb was fast going to be too little to house ausxip, The Lawless Files and The Roc File so I packed up and moved to a new suburb where the houses were bigger, the air smelt fresher and the bandwidth was a monster :) The sites are now on a dedicated server and a little more than 5 mb in space <vbg>

And thus ends our brief history lesson.