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TV Guide Photoshoot Interview and raw footage

Original photoshoot date: May 2006
Video released: June 2006

Lucy is interviewed for TV Guide about the upcoming TV Guide issue featuring Battlestar Galactica
She did a photoshoot back in May 2006 and this is raw footage from the photoshoot and an interview.

Please note: Lucy is not smoking a cigar in some of these images. She jokingly took the cigar from Dean Stockwell and the TV Guide photographer took several photos of Lucy with the cigar.

Screencaptures by MaryD


View screencaptures online
Download screencaptures - zipped file 2.4 mb
Size: 316 x 236 - 139 screencaptures -

Screencaptures by MaryD


View screencaptures by Jean
Size: 613 x 463 - 25 Screencaptures
Video Clip

Please note: the video clip is on the TV Guide site and is 38 minutes long and is a streaming video. Lucy is interviewed 14 minutes into the video clip and also seen in the later half of the video.

Click here to view video clip (TV Guide Site)



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