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30 May 2007

Lucy's interview on the Mancow Muller Radio Show on Wednesday,
May 30 at 9:30-9:35 am.

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30 May 2007


  Jim Breuer Unleashed Sirius Radio interview -- Wednesday, May 30, 4 6PM ET,  - mp3 not available as yet


25 May 2007

  Lucy was interviewed on Fangoria Radio on Sirius, Friday night, May 25, 2007.

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19 February 2007

  Lucy on Bob Guiney On the Radio - Lucy talks about her time on Celebrity Duets, Battlestar Galactica, Football Wives and many other topics

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8 January 2007

  Lucy was on KPFK radio with Rita Gonzales Tonight 8 January 2007. You can now download the audio clip from Lucy co-hosting the show and her interview

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31 December 2006


  Hollywood Confidential Radio Interview
Lucy was on Leeza Gibbons' radio show Hollywood Confidential this weekend about her upcoming concerts. There's a very interesting comment about the possibility of a Xena movie - Lucy didn't want to reveal too much but she did say there's a 50/50 chance of a movie! Lucy's song Come to Me is also played at the start of the interview.

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27 November 2006


  Lucy was interviewed today KPFK - radio show. %he big news is that Lucy will be appearing at the Dinah Shore Invitational on March 28, 2007. She also talked about Battlestar Galactica, Celebrity Duets and the upcoming Cracked Xmas 9 / Trevor Project Event.

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6 October 2006


  Lucy was interviewed on the OutQ channel today on the Derek & Romaine show. Please be aware that profanity (1 word) is uttered during the interview (not Lucy)

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8 March 2006


  Lucy was interviewed on NZ National Radio (8 March 2006) from the Auckland Cup racecourse on what she was wearing, who she was with and her tip for the race. Lucy said she resembled her grandmother in her 1940's style dress and she was schmoozing with the Prime Minister and other government ministers.

The brief interview can now be downloaded in three formats:

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18 September 2005


  Lucy has conducted an interview for Harrison on the Edge Radio Show

HOUR 3, Segment 1: Xena Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless, going at it against Bush and the Gulf Coast debacle./

Harrison on the Edge - Audio File - wma format - 5 mb
Harrison on the Edge - Audio File - mp3 format - 5 mb

Click here to read the Harrsion On The Edge Lucy Interview transcript.

14 May 2005

  KIRO's Entertainment Critic talks to Lucy the musical

Fans of Xena, the Princess Warrior, may be in for something of a shock this weekend. 710 KIRO's Entertainment Critic Tom Tangney talked to actress Lucy Lawless (pic left) about her surprising show "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" at Seattle's Fifth Avenue Theatre.

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11 May 2005

  Interview on KMTT Radio. Lucy talks about singing after 12 years, the play, the songs, the theater. They discuss her height, the corset, and the fat going to her head.

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11 May 2005

  Interview on KOMO Radio. Lucy talks about taking the stage after she's been asked for ages by the Seattle Men's Choir. She wanted to have her kids and be around to raise them. She has been sort of out of the picture because she can't exactly play the victim. (Everybody's blown over by Lucy's talent and they all lvoe Xena. Yay!) Then they had to ask for the Warrior Cry. Lucy: "Made me a very sad woman."

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21 April 2005

  Locusts Promo Radio Tour 

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Russ Rollins, Dirty Jim, The Sexy Savannah, Daniel, and Blackbean
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21 July 2004

  Lucy Lawless Talks About Her GLBT Charity Fetish

Working for gay, lesbian, bi and trans rights has been a big part of Lucy Lawless' life ever since the community established itself among her most loyal subjects during her reign as television's "Xena: Warrior Princess." Her efforts recently brought the New Zealand native to Los Angeles for a special Pride event. While she was there, Lawless took the chance to talk about her work with GLBT charities on "This Way Out," a radio program for the GLBT community.

This Way Out - MP3 - 4.62 mb 
This Way Out - WMA - 2.36 mb

Added transcript of the interview by Jennifer Pizer from Lambda Lega on This Way Out radio programe - this is such a great interview. Kudos to Jennifer Pizer - very insightful, interesting and shows Lucy to be intelligent and thoughtful. Absolutely wonderful interview.

February 2004

  Lucy sound clip from the Xena Circle club. Lucy talks about Renee's performance, what she is doing now and what she hopes to be doing soon.
16 July 2001

  NPR Interview with Rob and Lucy from 16 July 2001.

Inteview.mp3 - Interview with Lucy & Rob
Outtakes.mp3 - Outtakes from the Interview
Transcript from the interview