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27 February 2009
Lucy on The L Word - The Last Word Video
Many thanks to BCNgal from AUSXIP Talking Xena forum for the news

I found this video from the final episode (I presume) where you can see Sgt. Duffy (Lucy) interrogating Nicky Stevens. The scene is short and it starts at 0:52

Click here to view on YouTube




Lucy on RuPaul Show Preview Video - US only
The video clips on this page does not feature Lucy as the text indicates (according to US fans who have viewed the video which is only available to US residents only)

See more previews and a shot of the "Warrior Princess" guest judge after the jump!

Gay music and video from

Yes, kittens. This week's stupendous guest judge is none other than
Xena, Warrior Princess herself -- the kickass Ms. Lucy Lawless!!!

News contributed by Barbara Davies





Lucy on RuPaul Show 2 March 2009
The following was posted on the AfterElton Site about Lucy's upcoming guest judge appearance on RuPaul's new show


I didn't think there was anyway RuPaul's Drag Race could top last week's episode, but if anyone can do it, it's Xena: Warrior Princess! That's right, the one and only Lucy Lawless drops by as guest judge on Monday's episode. And it looks like she shows how fierce her stuff is on the catwalk too!





26 February 2009




Lucy Concert Pics - Friday and Saturday by Ann

Added more gorgeous photo of Lucy from the Roxy concert by Ann.


Friday Concert by Ann
Saturday Concert by Ann






Lucy UK VCR Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the following VCR alerts in the UK

Battlestar Galactica - Final Cut - March 6th - 04:20 - 05:10 on Sky 1
Ray Bradbury Theatre - Fe Fi Fo Fum - March 6th - 19:00 to 19:30 on Zone Horror (and again, on March 22nd 05:30 - 06:00)
Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior - March 1st - 02:30 to 04:00 - True Movies (and again on March 16th - 04:00 to 05:30)






Lucy Angel of Death Preview - Mention

‘Angel of Death’ Review: Early Look At Bad-Ass Zoe Bell

Tubefilter News, CA
As far as name-dropping, Lucy Lawless is supposed to soon appear on the show, but as of episode four she hasn’t, but that’s sure to add some more light to an already mostly bright cast. Well, have I gushed enough? Sorry, I know, it’s much more fun when ...



25 February 2009




Angel of Death - Ready For Prime Time?
From The Oak Ridger  comes this article today about the upcoming Angel of Death series. Many thanks to Newscat for the news!

Are Web dramas ready for prime time? A new online series packs lots of violence and four-letter words into each 8- to 10-minute episode, so it won’t be for everyone. But the production values of “Angel of Death” are unusually rich. This series could be considered a step forward for Web dramas, even by those who choose to snub it.

Actress-stuntwoman Zoe Bell stars as Eve, a cold-blooded killer who unexpectedly develops a conscience. Employed by a ruthless crime family, she suffers a daunting on-the-job injury (a knife is plunged through her skull). Though cheating death, she begins to suffer hallucinations and feels haunted by her many past victims.

She decides to seek redemption by wreaking revenge on the people who ordered those hits — her mob employers. The formidable Bell is joined in the cast by Doug Jones (“Hellboy”), Vail Bloom (“The Young and the Restless”) and Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess”). Each of the 10 episodes of “Angel” premieres daily starting Monday.

Click here to read more





Lucy Concert Pics - Friday and Saturday by Julia
Added some gorgeous photos from Julia from both concerts


Friday concert photos by Julia
Saturday concert photos by by Julia






Lucy BSG Action Figure - Update
There has been some discussion around the web about the BSG action figure of D'anna Biers not being approved by Lucy and therefore the figure not being available - I posted the news in November 2008 about the action figures:

Another D'Anna Biers minimate is to be released in "series 5" in a two-pack with Aaron Doral (aka Number 5). This time D'Anna is in her white business suit (as opposed to the pants and tank top from the first release with Boomer).

2. D'Anna Biers 7" Action Figure - Battlestar Galactica

The planned D'Anna Biers action figure which was due to be released earlier this year in a two-pack with Boomer (aka Number Eight/Athena) has been delayed indefinitely.

The company that is making the figures (Diamond Select Toys (DST)) has announced (through their Q&A blogs: (Q&A Nos. 11 and 15) that the figure is not due to be released because they have not obtained Lucy Lawless' approval to release the figure.

Unfortunately, DST does have a history of cancelling figures. Hopefully Lucy Lawless' approval will be obtained soon and the action figure can be put into production for release.

The following site: Blog clears up that confusion as to why it hasn't been released and why Lucy hasn't given her approval for the action figure:

DSTChuck: Ok folks, I’ll do this one but lets PLEASE try to keep the questions to maybe 3 or 4 parts. I think if I get another 9 part question my head might explode! Plus I did want to be done with this by the time BSG came on tonight.

1. As I have said in the past, we’re for sure looking at ways to get that Boomer figure out to fans.

2. None of the above. Since Mrs. Lawless was a guest star on the show, she did not give her ok for her likeness to be used in merchandise. It has nothing to do with the figure.

3. No, Minimates are not considered likeness.

4. Not as far as I know….Universal and Sci-fi are the ones dealing with this not DST.

News contributed by Barbara Davies





Lucy G4TV Screencaptures and Video

Added screencaptures and video of Lucy's interview with G4tv Attack of the Show - 24 Feb 2009

Blair Butler Visits the 'Angel of Death'

Blair Butler took a little trip to the set of a web series starring
Zoe Bell, who you might remember as the New Zealand-based stuntwoman from Grindhouse and Lucy Lawless, who made herself famous by playing Xena. It's called Angel of Death and Blair grilled them about the story of the show and the process of making a web series

Click here to view





New Lucy Blog - Going Away On Holidays...

Lucy is going away with the family and she has posted a message to everyone on her site before she heads out.

Lucy also mentioned recording a song or two that will be incredible to listen to when they are released!

Check out her new blog post



24 February 2009




Lucy G4TV Interview - Now Online
I'll be uploading the video of this to the site with the screencaptures shortly. In the meantime you can also view it on the G4 site.

Blair Butler Visits the 'Angel of Death'

Blair Butler took a little trip to the set of a web series starring
Zoe Bell, who you might remember as the New Zealand-based stuntwoman from Grindhouse and Lucy Lawless, who made herself famous by playing Xena. It's called Angel of Death and Blair grilled them about the story of the show and the process of making a web series

Click here to view video on G4TV site
Many thanks to Pat for the link.





Lucy Roxy 2008 DVD Preview

You can now catch a video clip of the Roxy 2008 Concert DVD on Lucy site. It's a mini trailer for the dvd.

Watch it on Lucy's site
Lucy's Myspace Page




23 February 2009




Upcoming Lucy Interview - G4TV 2/24 and 2/25
Many thanks to Ali for the following news:
I just saw a promo where Lucy is going to be interviewed about "Angel of Death'. The program is called 'Attack of the Show' on the G4 network. The interview is going to air Tues 2/24 at 7pm eastern. It re-airs at 12am 2/25 and 4am 2/25.



22 February 2009




Lucy Attended 19th Annual Night of 100 Stars...
Lucy attended the 19th Annual Night Of 100 Stars Gala on 21 February 2009. News contributed by Jane.

Added photos from PR Photos (Medium Res) and links to Getty Images and Wire Images




21 February 2009




Lucy Music - OMC Single "Please" News
This is an interesting page. It seems to have OMC/Lucy's elusive CD single 'Please' for sale on it! Not sure how legit this site is - news contributed by Barbara Davies

Omc featuring Lucy Lawless - MP3 downloads

artist / release title   album info

Omc featuring Lucy Lawless
4 All of us mp3
style: pop     year: 2007
album price: 0.40$
tracks: 2 / 11.29 Mb

Omc featuring Lucy Lawless
Please (featuring Boyc) mp3
style: pop     year: 2007
album price: 0.60$
tracks: 3 / 16.17 Mb





BSG To Be Released On Blu-Ray
The following is from Galactica Sitrep Site

We just got a very cool tip from reader Jack... he has a friend on the inside telling him Universal is releasing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE COMPLETE SERIES on Blu-Ray DVD July 28, 2009. They are also preparing a Season 4.0/4.5/CAPRICA Pilot triple pack DVD to be released after the 4.5 finale.

More news can also be found on TVShowsOnDVD

News contributed by LB.



20 February 2009




PreOrder Bedtime Stories on DVD


7 April 2009 - Pre-Order

A fantastical tale about a man who makes up bedtime stories for his niece and nephew only to find that they magically come true the next day, Bedtime Stories is a funny and enjoyable film about finding happiness in unexpected places.

Lucy stars as Aspen. Find out more about the movie on the Lucy Lawless Bedtime Stories Subsite


Also available from:

The region 2 DVD of Bedtime Stories is due for release on 27th April.
You can preorder it on its own here:
Or as part of a double pack (with Enchanted) here:
Amazon UK is also listing it - available in normal DVD and on Blu-Ray






Lucy in Top 50 Gay Icons List
Many thanks to Mazzy for the following news:

This wonderful Bette Midler site has a list of the top 50 Gay icons &
Lucy is at no. 50.

Not sure who decided on this list and how they decided but I reckon #1 should have been the right number. <g>




19 February 2009




New Lucy Photos on Official Site
There are some gorgeous new photos on Lucy's official site:

Photos include Lucy with the Gecko, that shot of her lounging on the couch during Celebrity Duets and Lucy doing her best Veronica Lake imitation.

Price is $6 for US

International pricing includes shipping. Click here find out more

Click here to view the pics and order






Bedtime Stories DVD - Region 2 PreOrder
The region 2 DVD of Bedtime Stories is due for release on 27th April.

You can preorder it on its own here:
Or as part of a double pack (with Enchanted) here:

Amazon UK is also listing it - available in normal DVD and on Blu-Ray

News contributed by Barbara Davies



18 February 2009




Lucy Concert Pics - Friday and Saturday by Linda

Added 68 photos by Linda from Lucy's Friday night concert.

Added 90 photos by Linda from Lucy's Saturday night concert



17 February 2009




Lucy Pleasuredome Concert Review

Teresa Ortega who writes the wonderful InSequence blog has written her indepth review of Lucy's Pleasuredome concert.

Click here to read the report




16 February 2009




Lucy on The L Word - Final Episode Details

Last Word - Season 6 Episode 8

In the final episode of the series, what starts out as a celebration of friendship quickly ends in a web of betrayal and deceit; the girls find themselves in the slammer with Sergeant Duffy; and the investigation into Jenny’s death begins…

The episode is scheduled to be shown 8 March 2009

Click here for more on Lucy on The L Word





Lucy Concert Pics Friday and Saturday

Lucy Pictures - Friday Concert

Lucy Pictures - Saturday Concert




13 February 2009




My Photo Op with Lucy by Pat Romano

I had the great fortune on the Friday night concert of sitting behind a lovely lady called Pat. She was there after winning the ebay auction for a chance to have a photo op with Lucy and watching Lucy rehearse. As I sat there and listened to the chatter, I leaned over and asked Pat if she wouldn't mind writing a report about her meeting. I know many fans who can't attend the concerts or conventions and have never met Lucy love reading reports about fans meeting Lucy.

Pat was gracious enough to agree to write a report for AUSXIP and the report is now available to read. I found the report so honest, heartwarming and just joyous. Lucy is an amazing woman and the way she treats her fans is quite extraordinary. In turn we love her back threefold. It's not hard being a fan of this woman.

So sit back and enjoy Pat's report and photo of meeting Lucy after Lucy's Friday concert.






Angel of Death Episode List and Dates

Angel of Death - Upcoming 5 Minute Episodes

03/02/2009: Ep 1 "Edge"  (0:05)
03/03/2009 Ep 2 "Memories" (0:05)
03/04/2009 Ep 3 "Workday" (0:05)
03/05/2009 Ep 4 "Made Man" (0:05)
03/06/2009 Ep 5 "Clean Up" (0:05)
03/09/2009 Ep 6 "The Family" (0:05)
03/10/2009 Ep 7 "Old Man" (0:05)
03/11/2009 Ep 8 "Innocents" (0:05)
03/12/2009 Ep 9 "The Hunt" (0:05)
03/13/2009 Ep10 "Absolution" (0:05)

Angel Of Death

Nobody looks for the Beretta, when all they can see is a girl in a cocktail dress. Noir comic book legend Ed Brubaker cuts deep with the story of Eve, a hot, yet remorseless, assassin haunted by visions after a bloody encounter with a very big knife. In this, the most ambitious web series ever created, Lucy Lawless, Doug Jones, and Ted Raimi all show up for the ride, but few come out alive.

Why it Crackles:

- Ed Brubaker is a master story mixologist, effortlessly combining genres. In his current comic outing, the best selling “Incognito,” he takes a comic book progenitor, the pulps, and a pulp descendant, noir fiction, and pairs them like a scotch and soda. In Angel of Death he takes the crime comic genre and puts it squarely in the world of exploitative Grindhouse style cinema.

- Angel pairs two old Kiwi buddies. Zoe Bell and Lucy Lawless who first worked together back when Bell was only 19, and doing rolls and back flips as Lawless’s stuntwoman on Xena: Warrior Princess. Alone they’re kickin’ – together they just kick ass.

- Ted Raimi has a long tradition in the genre of blood, not only was B movie legend Bruce Campbell his childhood babysitter, but his brother Sam helped make him a legend as a demon on the movie Evil Dead.

- Listen closely to the soundtrack, and you might hear some familiar strains. Toadies platinum selling guitarist, Darrel Herbert, did the score.

Paul Etheredge – Buried Alive 

Ed Brubaker (screenplay) - Captain America, Criminal 

Zoe Bell – Death Proof, Kill Bill
Lucy Lawless – “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Battlestar Galactica"
Doug Jones - 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hellboy
Ted Raimi – Spider-Man, Evil Dead
Jake Abel - The Lovely Bones
Vail Bloom - "The Young and the Restless"
Brian Poth - "CSI: Miami"
Justin Huen - "Weeds" 





Bedtime Stories Premiere - Brief Lucy Interview
This brief chat with Lucy is hysterical - taken at the Bedtime Stories premiere, someone made the observation that they grew up watching Lucy as Xena. I just love Lucy's response to this and you know she's having a great time:

News contributed by Barbara Davies







Lucy Mentions in Passing...Mary McDonnell Interview
Lucy Mentions

Mary McDonnell appeared at SF Ball 15 in Bournemouth this weekend! (The SF Ball) This blogger has a report of her appearance:]

Question: “What was your favourite outfit from the show, seeing as you had so few? What is your favourite costume overall?”

Answer: “Originally in the pilot of Battlestar, there was going to be a shopping mall ship in the fleet and I loved that. I thought that, as an unprepared President, I’d be the first one over there but then they wrote out the idea!

I think it would be the Armani suit in the first season. The one with the little buckles? I wanted more Armani. I actually wanted to keep that suit and they promised it to me and then put it for auction! If anyone gets the suit, I want them to send it to me! On the show, I’d ask and complain for more clothes but Ron would say ‘Don’t you think that would be the last thing on Laura’s mind?’ and I’d feel bad and stop asking.

But it’s not fair. I only had four outfits but Tricia had hundreds! And then Lucy Lawless! Is there some Cylon clothes shop that I don’t know about?”

News contributed by Barbara Davies




12 February 2009




BSG Cast and Crew Yearbook - Lucy Page
14 February 2009

Update: There is one more photo of Lucy from the Yearbook and it's featured on David Eick's page. Click here to view
Many thanks to Tracey for the news

12 February 2009

Recently there was an ebay auction which had an auction on a very exclusive BSG Cast & Crew Year Book which will never been sold online or elsewhere.

Battlestar Galactica wrapped production here in Vancouver aarlier this year, ending a four year run that has not only transformed the landscape of science fiction, but garnered repeated critical acclaim both from mainstream news organizations and the blogisphere alike. As a special commemorative, the production published a beautiful, hardcover tome this summer in which cast & crew recounted their experiences working on the series.

Only intended as an internal publication for those who worked on the show (don't bother looking for it on Amazon, you won't find it), the book is filled with wonderful, intimate anecdotes from producers Ron Moore and David Eick, to almost every member of the production personnel and, of course, the cast.

The successful bidder has been very generous and gracious to scan the pages from it and post it with her blog.  The scan of Lucy's page (featuring her amusing though very brief letter and some pics) is here

Many thanks to Tracy Loo for being so generous.

News contributed by Barbara Davies




11 February 2009




Lucy at 2009 Xena Convention - Photos

Just added some gorgeous photos of Lucy from the 2009 Xena Convention held recently in Los Angeles.

Lucy on her own and with Claire (75 pictures) by KT Jorgensen

Lucy and Renee together (142) by KT Jorgensen



9 February 2009




Lucy Pics on NZ Herald Press Pix

The NZ PressPix site has three new photos of Lucy at the TVNZ6 "The Sitting" evening at SOCA Gallery, Auckland. 27 November 2008. You can purchase the pics starting from $19.00 NZD

Click here to view (do a search for Lucy Lawless to get all of Lucy's pic
News contributed by Barbara Davies






Lucy Concert Pictures and Artwork

Added 238 photos by KT Jorgensen and 176 pictures by Claudia to the Friday Concert Image page
Click here to view

Created the second in the series of artwork based on Lucy's Pleasuredome concert.
Photos are from KT..Inspriation from Lucy.

Click here to view



7 February 2009




Pleasuredome Artwork by MaryD
Temptation, Drugs, Sex and Redemption - The themes of Lucy's Pleasuredome concert.

I created two versions:

Temptation, Drugs, Sex and Redemption


Where All Bad Grrls Go To Heaven






More Lucy Roxy Concert Photos by Ross Olmos
Added more terrific photos by Ross Olmos to the Lucy Roxy Concert Photo gallery, this time from the Saturday concert. Just gorgeous stuff. 





Lucy Concert Photos by Earl and Laurie

Added more photos from the Friday Concert

135 Photos By Earl

80 Photos by Laurie


61 photos by Earl




6 February 2009




New Lucy Blog!

Lucy has posted a new blog about the concert and her wonderful band (they were superb), Cat (or as well like to call her Sister Mary Catherine) and of course the absolutely fantastic Laura Sperrazza.

Check out Lucy's Message Here!





Lucy Concert Pictures Update

I'm back home and let me first say I had the best time of my life!!! It was one for the memory books for sure. First I want to take the time to thank my mates for making this such a fantastic trip. Above and beyond. I also have a new obsession..well a few new ones but one that I think would interest some people more than my coffee addiction...Girls Aloud - a fantastic group from the UK. Christa introduced me to them and let me tell you, they are SUPERB! Check them out!

It was such a pleasure meeting some new people at the con but also catching up with friends I hadn't seen in some time. For those that went home with the "con cold" you have my sympathy - I caught it (well it wouldn't be a convention trip without getting a cold) and travelling with the stowaway on a 16 hour flight is just not all that nice BUT it was worth it and I would gladly do it all over again (give me a few days and then I can repeat it) <g>

One correction to my statement earlier than it was the first time that the sidekicks and I were at the same quite true. I missed out on Barbara who is in the UK and couldn't make it! My bad.

I'm back and into the swing of things! Mesh and I will be tag teaming the photo updates for the next day or so.

Janna sent me her Friday and Saturday concert pictures and they are fabulous! Gorgeous pics.
Click here for Friday's Concert Pics
Click here for Saturday's Concert Pics

Kim sent me her Friday Concert Pics



5 February 2009




Lucy Roxy Concert Photos
Added a bunch of terrific photos by Ross Olmos to the Lucy Roxy Concert Photo gallery. The photos capture the wonderful energy and spirit of the evening. Unforgettable!



3 February 2009




XIV. Annual Xena Con Photos by MaryD
Added a couple of  images of Lucy and Claire by MaryD from Sunday of the XIV. Annual Xena Con. This is just a very small sampling of MaryD's photos, more will be added in the upcoming days.





AE's Xena Con Blog updated
Christie Keith's Xena Con Blog has been updated with great photos and snippets about the entire weekend, including the panels of Lucy, Renee, Claire, Hudson, Victoria Pratt, Tony Todd, The Widow Twanky, Jennifer Ward-Leland, Jacquelin Kim, the Bitch Slap Panel and Sister Batril.





Ask AE: Bitch Slap discussion
Question: When will Bitch Slap be released on DVD? Dying to see it!


Answer: First the movie has to be released in theaters, and that didn't happen last month as originally advertised.

Last week, writer/producer/director Rick Jacobson explained the delay in production:

We hoped to have the film done by the New Year but always knew that was a big ask. This "little" film has over 700 visual effects (on par with the new Hulk movie) so we're at the mercy of the effects wizards. As much as we want to get 'er done. ...We don't want to rush it.

Gotta say, the film is looking and sounding really bad ass.

Read the full story and comment on the thread. | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.






Xena star Lucy Lawless live and loud in her leathers

BLOKES of a certain age had their teenage years heavily influenced by the leather-clad Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess.

Now those blokes - a bit older now, maybe not much wiser - are still enjoying Lawless and her leathers in a new environment... live and loud.

Since the 1990s fighting fantasy TV show was axed, 40-year-old Lawless has added another string to her career bow - focusing increasingly on her new role as a singer.

Check out the clip below right, which shows the Kiwi stunner performing various Aussie hits in London recently. We're not sure what will capture your attention most - her vocal ability or the fact that she is letting her butt and knickers hang out in leather chaps. Let us know via the feedback form below.

Plus... Gallery: What's happened to Xena and her pals of yesteryear?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the mum-of-one - once named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by US People magazine - is packing the faithful into her gigs, which largely feature her singing other people's songs.

And footage of those gigs is flooding YouTube. Type Lucy Lawless in to the search bar and see what we mean. | See the full article complete with an older Xena image and a video from London. | Thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.




2 February 2009




Lucy Concert Pictures - Friday and Saturday
Oh wow it's gorgeous in LA today - back home they are having a heatwave...I think staying in LA is a good idea :)

Okay I have updated the concert page with new pics from Friday and Saturday's concert, links and video apologies for taking so long. There will be more's just taking a bit of time :)

I know I have mentioned how much I loved Lucy's concerts but it was really something else. If you didn't go, the pictures and the two short video clips (on Lucy's site) gives you an idea of the energy of the whole thing. Being there was something else. I hope the DVD of the event will have some of the atmosphere of the event.

Click here to see the third lot of pictures from Christa where Sappo begins the decline. Check them out here

Click here to see the first lot of Saturday's concert pics by Christa



1 February 2009




Mini Xena Con Report
This is a mini report to just throw a couple highlights out there until the full con reports start coming in. *hint*hint*

Lucy Lawless told hilarious tales from the set of Bedtime Stories, provided us with helpful information on caring for baby squirrels and commented on her role on The Angel of Death web series. The magnificient and much-missed Claire Stansfield crashed Lucy's panel to touch upon her continuing obsession with Shane, her son's treatment of an Alti-Barbie and her work for Oprah.

Mini Xena Con Report


More Lucy Roxy Concert Photos
Blogs and sites are abuzz, the following have Roxy Concert photos of Lucy: PRPhotos.Com, ContactMusic.Com, MrPopLife.Com. | Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the Info.



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