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Lucy Lawless Movie

The Rainbow Warrior
(aka The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior)
New Zealand Film - 1992

Lucy's Role: Jane Redmond, Rainbow Warrior Crew member

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"Rainbow Warrior" was the name of a real-life Greenpeace vessel, which embarked upon a worldwide pro-ecological mission in the early 1980s. While docked in New Zealand in 1985, the Rainbow Warior was destroyed by a bomb, and a crew member was killed. In this dramatization, Sam Neill and Jon Voight play two polar opposites-a hardbitten cop and a eco-activist, respectively--who team up to track down the bomber.

Lucy Lawless plays the role of Jane Redmund, a crew member of the Rainbow Warrior.

A bit of trivia: Jane Redmond was the fictional character but the role was based on Bunny McDiarmid, a crewmember of the Rainbow Warrior. Bunny is now still in Greenpeace but is the Executive Director of Greenpeace New Zealand.

Bunny and Lucy worked together during the 2009 Greenpeace Sign On Campaign.