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The cinema release date for The Ugly Americans movie in the UK is 30 April 2004.
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the information.


Director Jeff Schaffer (feature film debut)
Director Notes: (3/8/03) "Variety" reported recently (2/25/03) that the Directors Guild of America has shot down the possiblity of Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer all receiving a "directing trio" credit (even though they still intend to direct the film as a trio).
Screenwriter Alec Berg David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer (writing team of Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat)
DreamWorks bought their spec script for $3 million
Distributor Dreamworks Pictures
Production Company The Montecito Picture Company (Old School, Road Trip)
Filming Production is scheduled to start in April, 2003 in Prague, the Czech Republic (with possibly some location shoots elsewhere in Europe) on a budget of $20 million.
Lead Actors: Lucy Lawless - she gets top billing here because she's Lucy and well this is a Lucy page <g>
Michelle Trachtenberg (Mieke) - Last seen as "Dawn" in Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Travis Wester (Scotty Thomas)
Jacob Pitts (Cooper)
Scott Mechlowicz
Genre Comedy, Romance, Teen
Premise This movie's premise shares similarities with two recent comedy hits. Like Bringing Down the House, the premise gets its start by someone's confusion over "who's who" in a photograph as part of a pen pal/e-mail relationship.  When the German pen pal that a high school student, Scotty (Wester), has been using to help him get an "A" in German (by translating his homework over the Internet) for years suggests that they meet, the boy's reaction is to freak out, thinking that "Mieke" is a) a guy and b) some sort of older sexual stalker, looking for a young boyfriend. When he discovers to his delight that his pen pal is actually a cute fraulein (Trachtenberg), he and his best friend, Cooper (Pitts (who tries to con his summer internship boss into thinking he's still in America), fly to Europe after graduation to meet her...
Lucy's Role
'Madam Van Der Sexxx'

And from the interview in Out Magazine - August 2003

 In "The Ugly Americans", I'm playing the female Frank'N'Furter character, a sort of S/M madam. 

"I play crazy Madam Van der Sexx who runs an Amsterdam brothel where one of the young boys finds his way into a very compromising situation which prevents him from sitting down for two weeks.  It was really fun.  A classy operation -- one of those movies that's real dumb and real funny.  The script was done by Seinfeld writers and they're brilliant.  It really ought to be the next American Pie or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."


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